What NOT to say

The Internet is full of pictures on the background of the sunsets, sky and sea. About the fact that you have to be yourself that other places are already occupied. You need to let go of all, and who will remain one like your. All that beautiful hair blowing, the sun is all colors bunnies, and a gust, and the wind, and fly!


There is something about what does not speak.

Not talking about what life is like the man who decided. Left. Changed! And pictures of the relevant draw.

It so happened that in my life there were a lot of changes. I changed city, in the cities — areas (in the mother see of lived in more than ten locations). Of the legal profession have gone into business development and then became fascinated with filmmaking. And most of those decisions were not the result of my frivolity or a lot of free time. On the contrary, every such choice and the transition was understood and well considered.

And full of illusions.

Illusions are not conscious, which seriously puzzled me. Therefore responsibly say that it is better to know that it is not in fantasy but in reality.

Another fantasy of which has a glass skyscraper called "New Magical Life," the dreamer cut in small pieces, smashed against the unbearable legkosti existence.

Because as it happens?

A man sitting in the office, slaving away from nine to N hours. *OPA is sick, the head of the goat, customers — asshole, wife is not enough money. Subordinates blunt, the printer broke down on the phone got nasty, coffee spilled on a shirt and thing-thing — to anyone your job is not needed. Well, the truth. You're wasting your own man-hours, and the client then — "Well, I'm shorter, I changed my mind". Or "Good idea but not for our reality".

And the guy on the Internet and propping up a hand a cheek, looking at the pretty pictures. Where surfers, gliders, Brodsky about her trip to the sea, the sparkling eyes of the young girls and all that lives is one that stevem need to engage and be real and present. And not as an office algae. Vooot.

And here at the honest office person begin to flourish luxuriantly illusion, just like viruses, just like a new window when opening a porn site.

And he sees that he is in a cage and he gasps, and his real talents — after all, remember how well I read about the cockroach in kindergarten! real his talents are revealed! Life as a village behind the glass of the train, passes by, and he did not live at all. And not the driver and passenger. That sort of thing.

Squints, is the applause, and hand shakes to his audience. And gentle hands of fans begin the day with a foot massage (or something more intimate, to dream so to dream!), because Your Way, it is covered with petals and all at once universal good will start to flock in the hands themselves. And under legs and all.


That's it! That's life guys!




A few pieces. And are not aware of them, not seeing, don't even twitch from his chair on wheels.


Illusion No. 1. If this is my destiny, then everything will be easy for youIs the biggest illusion. It was so painfully hard and tight to teach and pass least favorite subject. Then get it in the neck from his superiors for mistakes. And generally every day routine to do the same.

But if I painted / danced / written / sang / made clothes / picking interior design / filmed / been in art (need and "responsive" to emphasize), each day filled my heart with energy and love, and all would be well, and first dance / story-telling / dress / movie / design / pattern (continue to stress) people would have gasped, tears b flashed on their cheeks and they would say that never before had ever seen. Yes, and would I see comparing with the Names in the Centuries that cool everything turns out better there's all sorts of Malevich, khromtchenko and thick.

Nifiga. Any new knowledge, but it is really for you and will be given according to the same rules as everyone else. And even if you have the predisposition (i.e., talent) or just a craving for something, it does not mean that the item will be given to you easily. It will be the same — painful and tough to teach a favorite subject. It will be the same — a lot of information, which will be a headache.

You have already purchased one profession, earning money, acquired a certain reputation. Then get ready.

You again will be carried by a person on the table and poke the muzzle in the "masterpiece" that you have sculpted. Believe me, you have just forgotten what it means to be a disciple.

Have you forgotten like a bad dream, what it means to start over. You forgot what the rebate, do not understand and make mistakes. To fall. The hardest thing is that it is impossible to imagine, really. Try to learn something new without leaving their jobs. You will understand what I mean.


Illusion No. 2. Everything will change for the better, but it will be comfortableAwful, what a horrible thing to go in the hated office! To see bored faces, wearing business clothes! Now, if I had a lot of money / rich husband or rich parents, I'd never worked in an office! I would do what I want and what I have is a soul, and everything would be fine!

Well. When changing one environment to another there are a lot of changes. And in this case several changes: from professional to student, from work to school, from one sphere to another. But any change will be perceived as stress. Stuffed nauseam, but your "comfort zone" will change. Change everything you are used to and take it as a given. As an immutable Reality.

The order of the day. Interiors. The people with whom I communicate. Your status. People's reactions to you. Your income.

After reading this, you may not scared. Now re-read. Only not in pink glasses. The daily routine is not "going to stand at 11", and "will have to go to bed at six in the morning." The interiors are "lofts" on "barns and basements". People with "cease to communicate with an asshole"... "will no longer communicate with close friends". And so on. Re-read with a different sign because this option is also available. Re-read and consider whether. Want it?

Sign unpredictable. Like life, actually. Whatever you were trying to convince the weather forecasts, currency fluctuations and world Bank estimates.

But if you change "regular" profession "creative", happens something else.

Take the "regular" profession. Law, Economics, medicine, engineering science — you can just tell the client it is done so, so and so. And you will listen because you are a professional. Moreover, you KNOW it's right. Because you have knowledge. And experience. And when you go into "creative" profession, the following occurs. Whatever you do, the consumer of your product always can ALWAYS say: "Well, I don't know... odd I don't really like". And even if you know that all "correctly", you'll always depend on it "Well, I don't know..."

People with difficulty recognize that they are not lawyers and not doctors (although trying to privatize the apartment, as "the neighbors made" or treated with urine therapy because "doctors cannot be trusted"), but it is a lack of experts in beauty, literature, film, and music we just do not. At each entrance sits the "fashionable sentence" on each sofa on Fridays — the songs and dances.


Illusion No. 3. People will support me and understandso Much wine hours were spent in conversations about eternity, about the search for meaning itself, and the way that it seems that all of those who so earnestly nodded and listened to, support the decision to change profession. New life perspectives, realization of talents and life "not in vain".

Well, Yes, Yes.

So will rapidly respond to your "bold move", then forget it. In the best case will periodically ask how success (not the case, namely "success"), curious or even a little gloating. New acquaintances will be acquired for a long time, cause injury and behave inappropriately.

Do you know why this is happening? No, not because "the whole world is against you" and "the artist can offend everyone". But because you went from one system and enter another. And the system is a special organism that lives by its own laws, and your personal expectations does not take into account.

How it works: have a system, a meaningful organization of certain elements. For example, office. Or University. You are all interconnected, as colleagues or as fellow students. If you cease to be a part of the system, it begins to tear you pass away, the books cease to produce. It's obvious.

But there is a denial and on a more subtle level: you not just gone, you've gone to another system. That is, you represent the negation of the system from which you left, questioning its "rightness" and "beauty." The old system automatically, intuitively does everything that you delete.

In addition, you represent the negation of the system, you still cease to "read" the old system, she did not understand what you benefit from. And, if we're talking about a professional system, it is quite logical that your former colleagues or fellow students (or members of any other professional community) will reduce or cease communication with you. Even if you are honey and very nice people.

Someone (add a pinch of kitchen psychology) may start to avoid contact with you because you "realized his dream". Well, as much as he dared, dug in his heels, took a chance and not even knowing that this is someone's dream — stepped!

And he took a step.

He lives chewing on themselves for something that is not stepped. And now will eat at you. For what dared.

Another funny thing. People from the old system is almost useless to talk about the difficulties in adapting to the new system. Because people from the old system has its illusion — "he went to his dream, and I'm the *operator" — the illusion of no surrender. It is not necessary to tell that "*OPA" — the concept is much more widespread than work in the office after nine o'clock.

This is normal. That's all fine.

That await your failure is also normal. Because after retiring, you dare. And those who still do not dare, not dare, not left — they have a whole list of beautiful arguments "why not leave", and here you are, a beast, got up and left. Now what to do? Will be waiting for you to come in, strewing ashes on his head, crying and generally very repenting of his youthful aspirations.

And that's not all. The new system, you also still nafig not surrendered.

First, the new element is also rejected or under review. Even when filling a new tooth put, we are constantly her tongue touch — new! Unusual. Unlikely, of course, you are in the new system will touch the tongue, but a period of watchful study will be accurate. The new system will see you as the old clamps, and negatively to treat them. This is how to go from the old to the new wife: new wife just try to say that "an old wife is better cooked the soup, let me tell you the recipe".

Second, in order to make you, she needs to change. It's the system, not dump people, phenomena and relationships. It takes time. Long. Well, imagine that the car has sent a new item. Not instead, but in General new. To its — functional — somewhere to screw, you need to disassemble the system, to think and to put the new item somewhere so that everything worked.

It is clear now why in related professions to go steeper? Because it is easier adapting. And if interconnecting systems have field crossing this can give a synergy of knowledge. But if the systems are different — hell and hardcore.

I warned you.


Illusion No. 4. I'm not going to suffer, thinking that they live without meaningWhen you live an imposed life, repeatedly making the choice because "it's done" and losing touch with what really pleases you, you can experience torment. Such a quiet little voice will say that "I have a car and bag, but somehow I'm unhappy". Or "I have a prestigious job, but in the evenings I feel so bad that I want to howl." Well, anyway, when the mood is that I want to kill. Or die. Closer to death than to life anyway. Then suffer, suffer, I see no meaning in life, trying to understand who you are and what you are, and why.


But when solved, it will fall so much (described in other sections of the article)... And will be moments of "sinking hands", and moments of loss of meaning. And again going back to thoughts about "who you are" and "you" and "why". Especially when something will not work, when the system will reject, when people are cleared. "When" and not "if".

And to add to this one more thing. Scary.

There will be no more oasis, which is so nice to get away from thoughts of sense. Oasis called "here if I dare..." Because you already have. And I realized that it's no oasis.

What now? How about now?

And XS. In this inspiring pictures has not been written. Even the fine print.


Illusion № 5. Certainly nothing can be worse than officeI already wrote that when you are in one system, then another distorted see — idealizing or Vice versa intimidating yourself. When you sit in the office — the paper got customers yelled, the younger blunt increase is not given, then I want to say — "all right! Enough! Freedom for parrots!"

After all, freedom is seen as such a tantalizingly sweet and lovely. Pictures, slogans, that's all.

Tear going, yay!

And you are in a field without rules. Nothing is clear, nothing is working and not working. People are different, the promises are not kept. Schedule is crazy, work day starts at 9 and ends at 18. If creative, then sleep, only how to let go of the thread. Maybe at four in the morning to let go. No "I quit my job, now I can turn off the brain". No "I was sick going sick". No class A offices, good coffee from the coffee machine, the Secretary, who will fill "the paper". All as Mikhalkov — sama-sama-sama ©.

The soul will begin to yearn for the good old. There's good news. It just made negative when "get" barred nishtyaki. Household amenity.

People in the system are retained, because it is formatted under this system. Develop rules of the game: if you promised, they'll call back. The standards of drafting, communication etiquette, dress code... And here is the Wild West, pokemon and Baywatch rolled into one. Oh, and unrecognized Geniuses. They do a lot. Now you're one of them.

At first, the new will be so beat that nishtyak old system can nostalgically miss. "And in prison now a supper. Pasta..." Clarity of the old rules, the ability for them to play knowledge of the system and recognition of it — Oh, how it will beckon back. Because explore, to adapt, to fall and stand up — it's hard. Harder than to operate in a familiar system. And it could happen that he would return, only to have repositioned. With the words: "Yes, they are all *Udaka. But I know what to expect from them".


Illusion № 6. I know better than the author of this articleI Read and wince? I think "Yes I am!..." and all? What nonsense, can cope with everything? The main thing — affirmations and visualization?


The one who tried to change the system is to move to another town, to change women (men), profession — learn any illusions, and the state. And those who have made "steps" only in their wet dreams, can now wave books on positive psychology, seated on the sofa.

This article may feed the fears of the doubting, can make trouble decided experiencing, and may cause nostalgic smiles from the past. Because when the path is passed, fears, illusions and other demons melt away like smoke.

Who did, know that help does not come from those who wait. That every fall leads to the goal. Not everyone is an enemy, who bunch naklal. Everything that does not kill us...

In General, rays of encouragement to all who goes. See the Path, opening the way for his steps.published


Author: Love Ignatieff

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: interesno.co/myself/31487dc9885a


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