15 illusions that will blow your mind

Even the most hardened skeptics believe what they tell them their feelings, but the feelings are easily obmanut.Opticheskaya illusion - the impression of a visible object or phenomenon, untrue, ie optical illusion. Translated from the Latin word "illusion" means "a mistake, confusing." This suggests that the illusion has long been interpreted as some failures in the visual system. The study of their causes many researchers.

Some visual deceptions have long been a scientific explanation, while others are still unexplained. The site continues to collect the most kryshesnosnye optical illusions. Watch the first part of the review, "The Art of illusion" and a portion of the new images a trick.

Be careful! Some illusions can cause tearing, headache, and disorientation in space.


The optical effect that creates the viewer a false idea of ​​the location of seats, due to the original design of the chair, invented by French studio Ibride.

Volume cube Rubika

Picture looks so realistic, that there is no doubt that this is a real, object. Twisting a piece of paper, it is clear that this is just deliberately distorted. Author illusion user brusspup.

It is not animatsiya

It's not animation SIFCO. This is a common picture, all the elements which are absolutely still. It is your perception of you playing. Hold your eyes for a few seconds at one point, and the picture stops moving.

Look at the cross in the tsentre

Peripheral vision turns into beautiful faces of monsters.

Flying kub

Another illusion of the user brusspup. What looks like a cube floating in the air, it's actually drawing on a stick.


Shot by photographer Liamm, who shot a foam shell, but soon realized that it was the eyes watching him.

Devil koleso

Which way to turn the wheel?


See, without blinking, in the middle of the picture for 20 seconds, and then turn the look on someone's face or a wall.

Four kruga

Be careful! This optical illusion can cause headaches for up to two hours.

Arranges kvadraty

It seems that the four white lines are moving chaotically. But it is necessary to impose on them squares image files archive as everything is quite natural.

Birth animatsii

User brusspup creates animated images overlaid on the finished drawing a grid of black parallel lines. Before our eyes, static objects begin to move.

Pulsating poster

At some point you have any pictures focused his view, the picture is not for a moment cease to move.

The same or different?

As the two cigarettes can be both different and the same size?

Endless koridor

Alternately closing the floor or the walls of the corridor, you can slow down or accelerate the movement.


The illusion of movement, based on the works Akioshi Kitaoka - professor of psychology at the University (Ritsumeikan) in Tokyo, the world-renowned for its many illusions of movement.

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