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Moments existential insight to the Site. «Seven hundred. Awakened in exactly
workday, man-horse horse-drawn.
Each by itself Unlock your ad,
Like a cabinet door in the shower »
Sergei Gandlevsky em>

If you are able to create, differentiate and make conclusions, sooner or later, the eternal questions of life get to your consciousness. In fact, it begins even earlier, in the sandbox when the quirky kid picks up all your toys. What the hell is he doing this? What awaits in the future? What awaits you?

Sometimes awareness of the absurdity of what is happening so acute that it is impossible to sleep, wake up, eat, silent or smile. It simply requires a permit, isolation, his least some expression. Traces of human quest for answers to unasked questions can be found everywhere.

Spontaneous thoughts on the whitewashed walls, phrases, scraps of newspapers and advertisements add up to a bizarre combination. Like the voices from the other world, where people (or people at all), it seems, got out of an existential trap, they can momentarily interrupt the eternal race for the trophy, which nobody has ever seen. Minutes of the existential insights on the Site.

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