Towards the New year: the less you expect from people, the more of God

Towards the New year: the less you expect from people, the more of God's Word on New year's eve of Archpriest Dimitry Klimov, the rector of St. Nicholas Cathedral of the city Kalach-na-Donu, Volgograd oblast.

Used photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov / ITAR-TASS about the New year, periodically have thoughts that this date is very conditional. Sometime it at one time was celebrated, then to another. I personally prefer a new day to celebrate – it is also a new joy, a new perspective, new expectations. A year – this term is so large that it is difficult to trace to make.

For the believer, every day is a new time. This time, I've never had before and there never will be. And he asks that God in that day they led, they acted, helped, never left him. And the same thing, probably every coming year – we ask that the Lord did not turn away from us and has not forgotten us. And then begin to think about the fact that it's not that God turns away from us as we from Him. He does not forget about us and we forget about It.

Personally, I am tired to be concerned and pessimistic about the coming times. For the Christian, the pessimism is such an interesting term. On the one hand, we are waiting for the end of the world, and on the other hand, we look forward to a new world and a new life, after the coming of Christ.

I'm no good in political, public plan did not expect from our history, from our lives. Any hope for a "bright future" here I have. First, as a man no longer young, and, secondly, as a historian who knows so much already just repeated, that it would seem that humanity should never repeat, must understand, must overcome and not to step on the same rake. Yet comes and everything repeats.

All this pessimism, the whole darkness of the present life sanctifies the light of Christ, the light of His promises, the light of His promises that He will not leave us, He will come and justice will restore the joy. What we are unable to restore, the Lord will restore us. And here I am in this waiting and living in the end time.

Already tired to expect from some people, from politicians to prudence. Than less expect something from people, the more you expect from God. And so my faith is growing even stronger. When we cannot see justice, for some reason I more and more believe in divine justice. When we here love can not see, again I'm more and more believe in the love of God which conquers all.

In the New year we wish each other "a new happiness". It seems to me that a new happiness can we expect from God when you have managed to recycle and to rethink how "old happiness" which you already have.

And by the need to learn, and to teach children to be happy in the moment. Not to wait for this happiness. We could all be so happy, if happiness saw one that close. Not because nothing bad happens, but because we live. Live in light of God's love.

Today, children growing up, grow up with a mood that nothing depends on them in our country. They throw up their hands, become socially passive. But they need to convince that actually depends on us a lot. Because God does a lot of things in the world by human hands, our hands. Children need to learn that they wanted their future to build now. To be fair, be compassionate, be guided only by the commandments of God, the laws that the Lord gave us.

Well, in personal terms may God grant us all to nothing wrong this year did not happen. We all pray about it every day. Ask that the war was not that all people found words in order to solve the problems.

Scary for children, of course! But you have to educate them, should do the trick, to participate in public life. For good reason the Holy Fathers would say that even if you know that tomorrow will be the end of the world, still today you have to have children to bring up, you still have to sow grain, to do what you're doing, despite the fact that tomorrow all this will stop.

With a clean slate? Often people gather in the New year and begin the next with a clean slate, something to change my life. Perhaps human psychology is typical of a certain cycle. It is necessary, on the one hand, to close the concern, on the other hand, break my life in these holidays. They to exist.

But if religious holidays, Christian holidays, disconnect an human for eternity, communion with God, to dive into timeless events, secular holidays such as New year, that is related to psychology. Man wants to reconfigure and waiting for something. As Natasha Rostova, who'd pulled his knees and flew. She dreams, but it's not flying anywhere. People are waiting for something, and ends January 1, firecrackers scattered on the streets, all these poor swollen faces after the holidays. And, as anyone with nowhere to go and nothing really at anybody is not true.

But just in a psychological sense, a person is important to build some expectations, design dreams. And then they will come true or not come true, it already the third question. And no one really expects that they will come true. The main thing is to mark out a run and wait for something good. This is akin to what they call faith are completely different things. That is one and the same word is called everyday faith and religious faith, faith in God. And say that to believe in something.

People believe in tomorrow. He may not know that this day would come for him that he will be successful. He can't know that the children he educates will be happy and good. He may not know that the bread which he sows will grow and he will gather the harvest. He doesn't know, but he believes it. And this belief helps him. Helps in the normal, psychological, everyday sense.

But faith in God is not faith only in something good. Although for many it is. People believe in better future, that something good will come. And this belief is projected onto the relationship with God. That is, in God as he believes in something good that must be, because you need something good to believe.

So, in actual fact, faith for the Christian is still experience, meet God, touch God to the heart. And so in this plan and the holidays are different for believers and unbelievers. For the believer, Christmas is the touch of reality that much more real, than his life, is standing before one's born, God incarnate. While the unbeliever is deprived of this outlet from the everyday, the momentary. He only rests on psychology, only on the desire to believe in something better. And this is the best is not obliged even to come to pass, but the main thing to believe it. Therefore, the New year, I think it's some kind of embodiment of such a psychology in this regard.

The joy of a New year is often a joy culinary properties. Even in my younger years, when I rethought a lot of things, I'm the New year seriously stopped. Here the children are interested, all the trappings. And I'm no longer interested.

I remember something was wrong in his younger years, a student, when we were preparing ahead of time with the guys for the New year: where we will meet, we eat, we drink delicious. And then comes the New year, then January 1 – and what, what happened? Nothing.

Now, looking at many of our compatriots, I see that they are still in the condition in which I at 17-18 years were. And like adults, but they think that this is a joy to eat, guests like to drink so legally, despite the fact that his wife is near, you can still get drunk. To me it is somehow funny.

Another point, why do we notice and note any periods of time – because God Himself is time sanctified, that God Himself came in. It is his existence, His earthly life was sanctified. And so it is also in some degree sacred, and these periods which we call the years, they are also Holy because the Lord is with us together 33 years he lived. And also, so to speak, with us around the sun spun.

Thank God, of course, that the Lord gives us this time, even gives us time to move around around the Sun one more time.

Of course, all the best wishes, all associated only with the world.

To still we the world have learned to appreciate, no longer with such ease about the war talk with such ease. That we understand that peace is important to people. Earlier, when alive, was a lot of people who have been through the terrible Great war, they were immune from the people, protecting them from a new war. They passed through the bitterness of war, through suffering, I realized that this must not happen again. And now they're almost all gone, with its terrible experiences, veterans almost does not remain. And here we have this immunity is lost, and we easily began to perceive the war.

In our such a cavalier attitude simply lit a match and everything will explode. The feeling that all the powder spilled, the gasoline. It remains only to strike – and light up with surprising ease. So, of course, myself and all of us, and our children need the world to want this world to pray. published

Prepared By Oksana Golovko

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