Even the most hardened skeptics believe what they tell them their feelings, but feelings are easily deceived.

Optical illusion - the impression of a visible object or phenomenon, correspond to reality, ie optical illusion. Translated from the Latin word "illusion" means "error, error." This suggests that the illusion has long been interpreted as a kind of malfunction of the visual system. Study their causes many researchers.

Some visual deceptions have long had a scientific explanation, the other has not yet been explained.

Parallel lines

Version of the classic illusion of Japanese psychology professor Akioshi Kitaoka. Parallel lines in the figure.


Perspective distortion. Which of the yellow lines in the corners of the wall anymore? Left seems considerably smaller than the right. In fact, the yellow lines have exactly the same height.

Rotating girl

The picture, created by Japanese designer Nobuyuki Kayahara from Hiroshima in 2003. It has been argued that this is a test picture for visual perception and exercise for the imagination.

If a person sees a clockwise rotation - he logics, ie he is more developed left brain, if - against intuit. Most people, after a little exercise are able to see the girl spin in any direction, it is promoted by different techniques. Sometimes quite intense scrutiny pictures within 30 seconds, sometimes tracking shadow.

Dragon Gardner

Gardner dragon or dragon Jerry Andrus (named after the founder) who always looks at the observer - one of the most famous optical illusions. To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to place the dragon so that the light source is at the bottom, close one eye at a distance of 1 - 2 meters, moving, looking at the dragon.



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