Optical illusion - the impression of a visible object or phenomenon

Optical illusion - the impression of a visible object or phenomenon, untrue, ie optical illusion. Here a dozen cool optical illusions.

Couple in love. If you show this picture to children, they will see dolphins playing. But adults see something else. This is because the memory of children is in itself images of "adult life". The painting, which was written by Sandro Del Prete, so called "Message of Love from the Dolphins»

Infinite chocolate. If you cut a bar of chocolate and rearrange all the pieces in the order shown, then, out of nowhere, appears once a piece of chocolate.

The illusion of "Wall cafes." Carefully look into the picture. At first glance, it seems that all the lines are curved, but in reality they are parallel. The illusion was discovered by R. Gregory Cafe Wall in Bristol. Hence the name of her.

This illusion is called "Vanishing circles." It consists of 12 arranged in a circle of lilac pink spots with a black cross in the middle. Each spot disappears in a circle of about 0.1 seconds, and if you focus on the central cross can have the following effect: first seem that runs in a circle green spot, then purple spots will ischezat

Take a look at these bars. Depending on what you are looking at the end, two pieces of wood, or will be near, or one of them is lying at the other

Optical illusion created by Chris Westall. On the table is a cup, next to which is a cube with a small cup. However, on closer inspection, we can see that in fact the cube drawn and identical cups.

Here is a picture made up of multi-colored circle with a white dot in the middle. Take a look at this point for 30 seconds and you will see that the circles are slowly beginning to change color, or disappear altogether.

Black and white illusion. See thirty seconds to four points in the center of the image, and then move the eyes to the ceiling and blinked. What did you see?

Two pictures Tower of Pisa. At first glance it seems that the tower on the right leans more than the tower on the left, but in fact these two images are the same. The reason is that the information from the left and right sides of the image is processed in different hemispheres of the brain, which is also "does not like" symmetry.

This illusion - a work of art. The picture painted by Rob Gonsalves - Canadian artist, representative of the genre of magical realism. Depending on where you look, you may see a long bridge or arch, or a sailing ship.


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