6 grand illusions that keep us in bondage to the Matrix

The illusion of even being in prison can make comfortable. "© Nelson Mandela.

Sigmund Fraud, philosopher and psychiatrist, reflects on the state of humanity and how we all get out of the Matrix.

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If a magician or "magician" wants to deceive you, to begin with he is a master illusion to distract your attention away from reality. As long as the audience enthusiastically watching meaningless tricks, the magician is able to Nadur it.
But sometimes the fool is so hard to recognize the fact of cheating that it can continue for years to believe in something that does not exist.

We live in a world of illusions. Many of the problems that occupy your mind and calendar, there just because you someone had imposed. God knows, it happened accidentally or not, but we all (or almost all) have been victims of an authoritarian-corporate consumer culture that now dominates.

Psychopaths have deprived us of a sense of reality. And social networks have allowed them to communicate their ideas to the general population without intermediaries in the face of media. And their main harm - is that they have caused absolute, devastating blow to our confidence and the future.

Revolutionary street artist Banksy once said: "People drink intelligent urine every day. It transforms their lives in the butt. It makes you believe that you are not sexy. Or what all the fun is happening elsewhere. Television has already made your girlfriend inadequate. They have access to the latest technologies. And they frighten you. They - advertisers, and they laugh at you »

. But the advertising - just the tip of the iceberg. If you look further, you will see that the whole organization of our life is built around the pursuit of illusions and ideas of mass obedience to other people, ideas and institutions. We are in bondage - in the full sense of the word. We are a consumer-oppression and total control. They invade our minds from the very beginning and reprogram it to obedience.

Here are six great illusions with which you need to say goodbye, if you want to be free - not only externally but also internally.

1. Illusion of law, order and authority

For many of us follow the letter of the law - a moral obligation. But corruption and political scandals prove that the law - quite flexible thing. Especially for those who have the muscle to bend it.

Police brutality and crime that she does - a reality not only for Ukraine and Russia, but even in the United States and many European countries. The courts have always been on the side of the rich. And now we can not even defend against the invading public eye in our personal lives.

And all this immorality of the governments of different countries anyway resulting in the killing and destruction of entire peoples and cultures. The social order - is an illusion. And there it is only because you zakonnoposlushnye citizens obey and agree with everything.

What is the state? This is a group of persons who force others to obey them on pain of violence. State - this is a band that has received a monopoly on violence. History teaches us again and again: the state institutions are necessary only to oppress, control and plunder of other people. Any so-called authority is necessarily false, hypocritical and unjust.

There is no law, no order and no justice. All this is just lush trappings of power, which are necessary to conceal the truth. Truth that the world order rests on the control of others, and the fight against dissenters.

2. The illusion of prosperity and happiness

Each of us today enjoy so many expensive decorations and trinkets that this would be the envy of any monarch of the XIX century. Maintaining the illusion of prosperity is crucial for the stability of the entire global financial system.

But you wonder forget that the basis of consumption always lie fraud, loans and debts. The banking system was originally devised for the rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor who are convinced that if they have any value.

But the real prosperity and happiness you can give only nature, health, love and relationships with loved ones. Do not identify yourself with the material things you possess. So you've just parted from happiness, and not approach it!

3. The illusion of freedom of choice

We think that we all have a choice of how to live. But in fact, we offer only a limited set of options, and all of them - bad. Whatever decision regarding your life you choose, you will always be in the thrall of the legal and tax systems of the state. And to protect these systems, it will continue with the help of a monopoly on violence.

Look at the fake institution of modern democracy. And you will see that the result of the election depends on which political force to powder your brain more successful. The illusion of freedom of choice - a powerful oppressor, as fools - it is the slaves, to think that they are free. No illusions: you still keep on a leash.

4. The illusion of truth

True - a touchy subject in our culture. We like the fact programmed to constantly seek the truth. One part of any society in the state mindlessly trust anything that tells her television, the other - does not believe in anything of what journalists say. Both extremes - utter nonsense.

If you want to keep the peace and freedom in your soul, learn to think independently. And remember that any truth always has two sides. Even if someone is hiding something.

5. The illusion of time

They say that time is money - but this is a lie. Time - this is your life. Stop thinking exclusively in terms of the five senses, and in accordance with the schedule and calendar.

We believe that the spirit - eternal, and each human soul is a part of eternity. And the main deception: they strongly assure us that at the moment does not matter. As if we should always analyze your past and expect a better future. Instead, we are free people, we suggest you focus on what is happening right here and now.

If you are not focused on what is happening now, and what might happen (or not happen) in the future, then you - easy prey advertisers, authorities and other pimps that cloud your mind with all sorts of fears.

We're happy when life does not beat us on the head, when spontaneity and chance for us interesting grandiose plans, and when your are now more important than your tomorrow.

If time is money - that life could be measured in dollars. When dollars are worth less than the life for you, so they should cost to you than the time from which this life is.

6. The illusion of separateness

In the "divide and rule" nothing is more effective mass control strategy tactics. This principle is always used for the establishment of authoritarian rule, or to justify the military invasion of another country. And this illusion of separateness actually works.

We are programmed to believe that we as an individual are always in competition with those who are against us. We do not trust even their neighbors and relatives! But all the people on earth - it does not compete with each other, and partners. And how effective will this partnership depends on what kind of world we live, what we breathe gases and clean, water we drink.

We - the global community, and national boundaries - it is only an illusion that exists as long as we believe in it.

Some believe that the illusion of separateness (the idea of ​​nationality, for example), consoles our ego and gives us the opportunity to identify themselves. But she is doing everything to isolate and subjugate you.

We want you to stop blindly trust the machinations of the Matrix. Continually strive for expansion of their rights and opportunities. If they require you to humility and obedience, remember: you only beneficial to "sell" the idea of ​​the rule of law and "reasonableness". They can not sell us what we do not need.


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