Most visual illusions year (photo and Flash)

Most visual illusions had been named in a ceremony with the appropriate name Best Visual Illusion of the Year, which is carried out by specialists from Barrow Neurological Institute (Barrow Neurological Institute). Competition suit specifically to attract public attention to the research and discoveries in the field of cognitive processes.

Third place went to the hype, entitled "Illusion floor».
These two pictures at first glance appear to be images of women and men. But if you look closely, it is easy to notice that in fact it is one and the same person photograph but with different contrast. Richard Russell (Richard Russell) from Harvard did this change intentionally. On the "female" part of the dark picture he made a little darker, a little more than bright light, respectively.

This visual illusion shows that our brain can determine the sex of a person based on the contrast of the individual facial features.

Second prize was awarded Yuval Barkan (Yuval Barkan) and Dr. Spitzer Headway (Hedva Spitzer) from the University of Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv University). They used the effect of "image retention". So, if a long look at the waterfall, scientists say, even after the eye will be transferred to another facility, will feel that the picture continues to flow.

In this case, experts from Israel have used more of its manifestation. When viewing a video of a person fixes eyes on a black point under the wing of a dove flying in the sky. For a few seconds, the background behind the bird is painted in a specific color. Then the color disappears, but the man continues to see weak "ghost" painting now at the pigeon feathers.

If the background was red, and the bird is painted in delicate red if in blue, then blue. Color supposedly fills the remaining white space.

Finally, the winner was an illusion, which explains why in baseball so hard to fight off the flow of swirling ball. This video has created a group of scientists led by Arthur Shapiro (Arthur Shapiro) from Bucknell University.

Look directly at the ball. It seems that he just falls, while turning around its axis. Then move the view of the blue dot. When the white ball moves in the field of peripheral vision, it begins to seem that it is cyclical, and even rejected aside.

The same deception is happening in baseball: moving on a downward curve hooked ball quickly moved out of the zone directly in the area of ​​peripheral vision Player. An athlete at this point there is the feeling that the ball sharply deviates from the path. One wrong move, and bit through the air before reaching the target.

 - Visual illusions show us how different the reality of our perception of the environment, - says one of the founders of the contest Makknik Stephen (Stephen MacKnik). They seem magical, but in reality it is only an optical illusion created by our brain.

The study of such deceptions - quite an important work that helps to understand the basic mechanisms of human sensory perception. This means that an experienced physician, explore and understand the processes taking place at the same time, be able to cure diseases of the visual system caused by deviations from the norm.

His work for the contest sent scientists and artists. Prerequisite: the illusion must be new, not previously disclosed by anyone. The jury selected the ten most interesting works. Then, on the recently held conference, more than a thousand people (as specialists in the field of neurology, and ordinary people) chose the winners.


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