Topical flash mob

Do you know what a flash mob? Certainly. And you know what is considered to be a measure of how good this very flash mob? The measure is considered to be the number of people, either accidentally or intentionally involved in this very mobile.
 So. The most successful to date flash mob began so:
 The owner of a small grocery store with a friend shares their grief.
 - Estimate, purchasing manager, his mother was a freak that did. Instead tsiferki 200 in the column written order 2000. Well, the general background nifiga no one noticed. Notice the code hrenoten already arrived. And what shall I supposed to do with these two tons of salt?
 Druzhban was a big fan of the flash mob, and quirky creatives, so practically gave birth to the idea of ​​the move.
 - Do not stsy schA all razrulit. Let's handle thicker and cardboard.
 After a few minutes next to a container filled with packets of salt was a poster: "Due to the limited warehouse stocks SOL is released less than three kilograms per one hand».
 Salt swept out of the shop for three days. Then he moved on to the neighboring.
 Then someone someone blurted out about the fact that the problem with salt and horseradish to buy two ...
 Flash mob grows;)


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