Interesting facts about flash drives

The development of flash memory began in the early 70s, but was lucky to see the light flash only in the 1984th year.
Nowadays, the USB flash drive can endure the temperature from -30 to +80 degrees!


If you wish the flash worked much longer... keep it in the fridge!
At a temperature of 100 degrees flash memory will fail in 10 hours. You can easily check this fact, throwing the flash drive into the boiling water.


Information stored on the flash drive, you can view an unlimited number of times, and overwrite just one million times.
If saved on a flash drive something every day and then format it, to flash memory card stopped working, leaving about 1500 years.


Nowadays, the flash drive is still much slower hard drive.
The most expensive flash memory in the world was created by a Swiss jeweler. It can be someseni with any operating system. The memory stick is 32 GB. Made USB flash drive in the shape of a mushroom filled with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. The maximum price an incredible flash about 38 thousand dollars.


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