Tambov romantic (6 pics + 2 video)

One young man from Tambov named Artem very original apologized to his girlfriend.

On Saturday night a few dozen cars lined up in a specific order in the parking lot behind the supermarket "Magnet". At the set time car drivers turn on the headlights - a ray of light was seen that of the cars piled word "sorry". This original way to apologize to his beloved came up with Artem from Tambov. His name he chose to hide. The unusual idea was a young man two weeks ago. - Initially, all planned to organize on December 21, but it turned out just now - says Artem. For this guy turned to his friends, as well as a forum called for the participation of all who would like to help him. And although not all concerned with understanding, many responded to the request for a Man. - In total, this was attended by 39 cars, of which only 5-6 somewhere - my friends. The rest I do not know - said the young man. Unfortunately, half an hour before the event became known that the girl, for which all afoot, will not be able to attend and will not see the efforts of the guys. However, the action has been decided not to cancel. Cooking spent about one and a half hours, and the result exceeded all expectations. Photos of the original forgiveness already traveled around Tambov, video is gathered several hundred views. - I did not expect such a reaction. And, frankly, I do not want to see this become so widely known. Many on the Internet already written that I was trying to popiaritsya. But I did it all just for his girlfriend - shared hero. How will the story - not yet known. But I want to hope that your time and effort will not go in vain. However, for that Artem asked for forgiveness from his beloved, he never told.

Source: protambov.ru


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