As I photographed the ramp

The main event of August for me was not the MAX, and the event, held for a week before it starts.
The company "Irkut" invited me to participate in a photo shoot two air planes, preparing to perform at the air show - the Yak-130 new red retro livery and Su-30cm - upgraded Dryers for the Russian Air Force. A story about how we are the operator Pavel Novikov shot from the ramp of the aircraft AN-12.

38 photos + video via Marina Lystseva

2. Who have never seen a military transport An-12 show. Red color ramp that opens for landing, or as in our case, for the shooting followed an airplane.

To access the survey on board the transport plane must pass a medical flight-expert commission (VLEK) and have a life insurance policy. For videographer requirements are not as stringent as, for example, flight attendants and flight engineer. Not to mention about the pilots.

I have a limit on sight (ie can only withdraw from the transport and turntables), and Pasha all handsome - it can be removed with a fighter! What is he actually doing successfully for several years. He started the company MiG, flew with the "Russian Knights" on the Su-27, participated in the shooting of various films - fiction and documentary even the MiG-25 flew. He studied at the VGIK, Vadim Yusova course, is now working with the TV channel "Star" and freelancing (like Cho - contact).

3. "Star" writes beksteydzh of the air operator. For me it was about the same, only without the red kombeza.

4. Just like standing at the open ramp will not be allowed. On its perimeter taut mesh and straps, and tightly bolted to the floor beams to stop kicking. In the statement, wearing special climbing equipment, to which clings insurance, screwed to the floor. And the size of insurance calculated strictly to such a distance so as not to fall off the grid. Rehearsal binding before the flight.

5. The camera is also fixed straps. Do not look at that design seemingly fragile appearance. In fact, all hard. Its two cameras (the second and third grade) with lenses 24-70 / 2, 8, and 70-200 / 2, 8 with long straps, I pounced across the neck. Experience has shown that often used 70-200. Ideally, there would be a 28-300 lens, but I do not.

6. Gopro screwed, all the equipment is ready, and we take off strapped in the passenger seat in a special compartment of An-12 just behind the cockpit. Pasha in anticipation. By the way, you need to dress warmly. At an altitude of 100-1500 meters temperature at ten degrees lower than on the ground. For example aviator leather jacket made of thick leather is perfect! Novikov commando cap somewhere too personally procured.

7. When you need to set the height of give us a sign that it's time we run is to be fastened to the closed ramp. On the operator headset for conversation with the pilots of AN-12, but with the noise of the engines it is almost useless.

8. And now, when we are strapped with cameras at the ready, open the ramp! Flying a little dust, I expected more debris and wind. After a minute or two there is the first participant photoshoot Yak-130

9. control the plane honored test pilot, Hero of Russia Roman Taskaev and navigator Test 1st Class Sergei Kudryashov.

10. On the ground in the preflight briefing before shooting, we discussed her condition. Height, speed, distance "model" to the operators, maneuvers and aerobatics, which must be sealed.

Height - 1000-1500 meters, the shortest distance approximation subject to the ramp - 25 m. In the belittling of 10-15 m.

11. A above, and do not need to, because the object will fall into the slipstream of the engine An-12, and in this mode you can not fly, and the picture will be diluted.

12. Timing of shooting we did not have, and ideally "air-air" must be carried out at dawn and dusk, and preferably somewhere near the mountains, such as it was in April, when I participated in the photographing of the Falcon Pyrenees.

13. Pyrenees we in the Moscow region were not found, the route ran from Zhukovsky to Egoryevsk and back. For example, Vinogradova Swan Lake at the top and to the left.

14. And this is over some lakes there (looking, looking at the map, I can not find) I have all your favorite activity and learn to look at the place, removed from the aircraft. But here, the track was not registered, I only know that a couple of laps we cut somewhere in the fields between the Resurrection and Egorievske. Help identify!

15. The first few minutes of the Yak-130 went smoothly, and then went dvizhuha. For dynamic images Pasha asked the pilot to swing and make a few barrels and goes into different directions.

16. The aircraft after the maneuver right under us quickly out of the frame.

17. Barrel and rrraz!

18. And two!

19. And three!

20. Care upwards. There is already seen as the plane gets into the plane and blurred haze. 22-minute recording of the Yak-130 is finished.

21. Yak-130 filmed, the ramp is closed and you can take a nap while waiting for the next "model", which at that moment will start from Ramenskoye airfield. Communication was told that the Su-30cm will appear in a few minutes.

22. Initially, merging with the terrain Su-30cm could not see, but when we saw it, looked at each other together and showed each other a raised thumb - why? Watch the video! Vyacheslav and Eugene Averyanov began maneuvering for even a few hundred meters from us!

23. Averyanov Vyacheslav Y. - test pilot flight test and development base "Sukhoi". The co-pilot - his son Eugene.



26. Working moments of the ramp in the frame. It will be cut to the purity of the image.

27. General view of the ramp AN-12.

28. The plane is so close that you can look to meet with the pilots. We're on a ramp for the grid can not be highlighted, and they can not see us.
To heighten the effect of the speed brake is released.

29. Multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm is a further development of the family of combat aircraft such as the Su-30MKI.

30. Contracts for the supply of 60 Su-30cm in 2016 were concluded between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and JSC "Corporation" Irkut "in 2012.

31. The first flight was built by order of the Russian Air Force Su-30cm made on September 21 IAP airport (Irkutsk).

32. Su-30cm has a super-maneuverability, equipped with radar with a phased antenna array is capable to apply modern and promising high-precision weapons class "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface".

33. The fact that the super-maneuverable aircraft, we have seen in person;)

34. As part of the MAKS-2013 pilots aerobatic team "Russian Knights" made a familiarization flights in the new Su-30cm. During the flight, the pilots famed aerobatic team performed complex aerobatics and got acquainted with the unique capabilities of the aircraft maneuverability. They praised the flight performance fighter of JSC "Corporation" Irkut ".

35. Corporation "Irkut" on Friday, September 13th gave the Russian Air Force, two multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm and three combat training Yak-130 as part of the previously signed government contract.

36. Photos without framing. Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the lens 70-200 / 2, 8LII, 110 mm focal length, ISO 320, shutter 1250, the diaphragm 7, 1.

37. All left handsome. Shooting lasted 8 minutes and, in my opinion, failed. And what do you think?

38. A beksteydzh me nobody did. You have to shoot a self-portrait.




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