This stewardess pictures of the most vile of passengers. And look, you'll understand why!

Maybe it's cowardly and incompetent by a flight attendant, but she photographed the most vile of passengers, which occur during flights. When you look at these pictures, you will understand why she did it ... The way they behave on an airplane simply does not fit into any framework. Yes, everything can be explained by the tedious and difficult journey the flight, but no one has repealed the rules of decency. Maybe if I was working on an airliner, and I would have the same tactless passengers, I would have done the same. Because it is not necessary to condemn the flight attendant for what she has done these disgusting pictures ... Cry of the soul, as they say!

It becomes disgusting when you look at those nasty photos ... Show the passengers of the ill-bred their friends, I think they also do not approve of such behavior in public places.


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