"Momiks" - the art of alchemy, and alchemy of art .....

Like something about the head of the ballet group "Momiks" choreographer Moses Pendleton said: "He does not overload their dramatic performances." Perhaps, but fills them with meaning, color, motion, philosophy, and in this case even alchemy. "Alchemy" - the world of magic, recreated in music and dance - new production of Moses Pendleton (magician, well-known in alchemical circles) for his band "Momiks»

In his previous show «Bothanica» Pendleton predstavidl viewers the evolution of nature and the cycle of life in the change of the four seasons. Ten dancers who participated in the ballet, the scene turned into plants, animals, mythological centaur, butterflies and snails - and this was not a dream, but reality.

In the new play "Alchemy" Moses Pendleton reveals the secrets of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) to reveal the room a surreal world of magic. For the dancers of the troupe - a new theatrical experiment, full of imagination, irony, beauty and mystery. Ancient alchemists searched for the elixir of eternal youth and the formula of gold. They rarely work alone and with the help of spirits called secret rites. Do not disregarded in the "Alchemy" and the learning process wizards. Even the dancers in the ballet reminiscent of illusionists in the show about the art of alchemy, and alchemy of art - multimedia phantasmagoric spectacle, full of beauty, a sense of humor and inventiveness, aesthetic experiences and amazing magical metamorphoses in the interpretation of the essence of the four elements.

Pendleton came to the idea of ​​"Alchemy" when he photographed the stages of the life cycle of sunflower. He tried to penetrate the mystery of how the small seeds of a tall flower, the mystery of what worlds hidden behind the outer shell a bright sunflower. "The study of biological processes of life turned into a creative process, and later - in a ballet about the life, death and fire, music terrestrial beings" - says Pendleton, who invented a unique transformation ballet, ballet-change. - "Our desire to originate in the incredible dreams, but who and where he created a dream? How does it occur? These are the questions that I ask myself and try to find answers to them in the dance. " By the way, Pendleton, working on this performance, and consists of the game and of dance, a lot of observations spied not only in the books of the Middle Ages and the alchemical laboratories of the philosophy of alchemy, but in his garden, watching the growth of flowers and plants.

Moses Pendleton began in "Pilobolus" and continued in "Momikse" play with the human body and the space, playing with the expectation of magic and illusions themselves. No wonder, part of the pleasure of performances "Momiksa" - is the pleasure of visual effects and how tempting to give in to such a spectacular visual lie, the creation of talent, dance, props, light and shadow, fire and mirrors, music, trance, New Age and special costumes. After all, alchemy can be anything you want - and even "Momiks" and its ritual dance of fire, water, earth and air.

Moses Pendleton name associated with the American choreographer for 40 years, and with modern choreography, which over the decades have also had time to evolve, change and be reborn. Pendleton 40 years ago began to introduce into their dance performances elements of circus, physical theater, athletics, acrobatics and commedia dell'arte.

Pendleton is also known by the troupe "Pilobolus Dance Theatre", which he founded together with Jonathan Walken in 1971. In the seventies, there was no such choreographer-American who was not trying to be anything to destroy and change everything. Pendleton and Jonathan Walken makes it funny all. Their performances have changed traditional notions of how the body looks, how much it weighs and how it should move in space. Dancers in the works "Pilobolus" grew to the size of two-story house, put in the deck and pulled his hands out of the depths of the stage to the footlights. All these tricks and illusions Pendleton kept in "Momikse».

Initially "Momiksom" Pendleton called number, delivered them to the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. The very same studio "Momiks" grew out of sports and dance teams, established in the early 1970s, a few Americans - the fans of dance and sport. They entertained the audience, parodying dramas, ballets and shows, and quickly gained popularity. By the end of the 1970-founded company was one Moses Pendleton - inventive choreographer-director, and becoming quite "conventional" ballets, including the Paris Opera. Since Pendleton brings to his performances tricks, tricks, optical illusions and lots of dancing. Because it is often called the director of the theater show, even though he comes up with parallel and purely ballet performances. But "Momiks" - the troupe tantsorov- "illusionists" under the direction of Moses Pendleton, gained international fame precisely because of great ingenuity and plastic beauty, not only for the beauty of dance technique and choreography.

In addition to their own performances, the troupe is often involved in special projects, appears in the film and television. Theatre permanently based in Washington, in Connecticut, has toured the US, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Australia and other countries.


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