Dotantsuy until retirement

Ballet, ballet, ballet ... Not the most important of the arts, but gracefully. Ballet shrouded in many myths about the barracks discipline, and the incredible performance of fragile ballerinas legends. Always straight as a chord, with proud head planted on a long thin neck, splayed feet, and some inner concentration they seem like people from another planet. And they do others. Goddess Terpsichore Dance - exacting person, complete dedication to her little will, it requires sacrifice. The whole life of the artists goes on stage at the other time left. They come here in ten years, small children, and go ... and go - through the efforts of our legislators - sixty

1. Early morning. The Ballet School named after Seleznyov rise

2. Heavenly Swallows wake

3. Today, hard day, the beginning of the international competition of Orel. Student of 3rd class Elchibaeva Malik - one of the participants. But first study, from a comprehensive school ballet does not relieve

4. To study the school is much more complicated than in a normal school. Besides the usual, like all children, the lessons of mathematics there are many special items


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