Your subconscious mind knows ALL

"In your subconscious mind lies the power to turn the world upside down" ©William James

Everyone wants to be successful, healthy and wealthy. But how to do it ? It seems — it's simple.It is necessary to set a goal, make a plan and go that way.

And following this thought, we depart for the journey of life, hoping that we will be able to achieve success and happiness. And the main tool that we use for this is us!

Tricks of the subconscious

But how much do we know about ourselves?

There are mechanisms that operate in our mind as we plan out our lives and try to manage it.

Remember the iceberg.

We know that on the surface of the iceberg is only 10, and 90 percent of the ice is hidden under water. Our thinking on it is very similar, if the upper part is called consciousness, and the lower, hidden from the eyes of the subconscious.

Consciousness is the part of the mind that is available to us.

All of our thoughts, logical thinking occur at the level of consciousness. Consciousness controls all the processes of relationships in society, as well as the entire practical activity of man. Under water hidden our true desires, thoughts and needs, attitudes, socially approved in the society, behaviors, and fears, the problems, trauma, explanation.

Our thinking is constantly playing games with us. Consciousness drives us forward – because we have a good goal and motivation, but we're stuck in place and held themselves from achieving the desired heights.And this is the antics of the subconscious.

All plans will crumble like sand, because the reasons for our success are in the mind,and the reasons why we don't have to do something, reside in the subconscious mind.

Every moment our subconscious mind records everything that happens to us. Everything we see, hear, perceive, feel. All this is stored in our subconscious in the form of images and symbols that you can recall. It is the subconscious mind helps a person directing its activities. Through intuition, dreams, feelings and hunches, it tells us the necessary ideas and solutions.

The subconscious is what people think and really want, but unaware of it.

Psychologists know of no accidents, every accident in behavior has an ulterior motive. This gives the subconscious mind the command to "accidentally" forget where You put your documents before you leave the house. And as a result You are late for a meeting, which actually do not want or are afraid to go.

This gives the subconscious mind the command to "accidentally" dial the wrong phone number, and You get not there where was going to, but in fact You are calling it to the person you want to hear. What major conclusion can be drawn from all this?

Before you direct the subconscious, ship of destiny carries over. But it is necessary to change some of the installation and the subconscious as a faithful servant, accepts them and begins processing. As a result, after a while, life begins to change. And progress towards your goals, implementation intentions become possible. It was really only visible up ahead... you just Have to learn to get in touch with your subconscious mind. It's simple! published


Author: Vera Konstantinova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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