When they stopped to wait for help

Your hands just isn't you need In one town lived a very ordinary man. He led an unremarkable and rather passive life: little with whom communicated, did not take decisive action and never took risks. Man often seen walking alone near the woods, which was located on the outskirts of the city.



This man was not active in anything, as always waiting for outside help. Other people, relatives, friends, circumstances, event, God, the man believed that he should help and support. Of course, relatives and friends tried to support him in every way. But each time the man seemed less and less did anything for himself. He seemed to have lost all faith in yourself and your strength, and demanded help at the slightest issue.

Once the man got sick, he began to have numbness in my hands. Feeling completely helpless, he is now just sat at home and stopped to do anything. The disease was not going to leave. No medications helped. The last of the doctors, whose assistance kept hoping, just shrugged and advised me to go to the same witch doctor who lived in the woods near the town.

To find the house of the sorcerer proved to be quite difficult. Family met the gray-haired man. He silently listened to the story and their request to come see the man to their home. "Let him come. Feet had not refused after all! And let them come to me."

The next day, drooping figure of a man moved slowly along the woods, coming to the little house of the sorcerer. Weak, barely stirring hands the man tried to knock on the door, but nothing came of it. Then the door opened itself, the elder was already waiting for him.


— Well, that came — said the healer. — Pass.

— Hands do not obey me at all — began the man. – None of the doctors could help me.

— Why do you think I can help you? – pointedly asked the old man.

I don't know who to turn to, ' said the man. You are my last hope.

That's what I'll tell you, ' replied the healer. – I can't help... But there is only one person who can do it.

— Who is he? – pleading the man asked.

Is you.

After these words for a moment set the silence in the house. Finally, the man continued.

I don't understand how this is possible? surprised said the man. – In my hands! Where do they take me?

— All right, you have no strength, the old man said. And it is not in your hands. You just give your hand, and constantly.

— But to whom? – surprised the man.

— All of whom are waiting for help, — replied the elder. – Family, friends, doctors, friends, chance, and circumstances. You gave all your power, it is not surprising that the hands have ceased to listen to you anymore. Yes, you are just no longer needed, because everything is done for you.

— What are you talking about! – exclaimed the man, angrily throwing his hands up. – I did a complicated way here alone to hear it!..

Well, apparently it's not so bad, the old man said, looking at the gestures of the interlocutor. – See, the power returns to your hands.

The man looked at his hands, which hung powerless. He could now be free to lower and raise, wiggle your toes.

-When you stop waiting for help from others, the power return, — mused the old man. published


Author: Dmitry Ostrouchov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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