Wait a male harmful female habit

Oscar Wilde is credited with a funny quote love print cases for mobile phones: "If you're not too late, I'll wait for you all my life". Nothing like? Us – well-established female model of relationships, which in Russia actually turned into a national characteristic.

Waiting for a man as long as necessary, giving permanent waiting for some form of romantic religion with sacrifice for a great purpose. Our grandmothers waited with the war, our moms work, then we somewhere also have to wait, but otherwise it's not a relationship at all.

Even this proverbial "we" in talking with my friends, we say with the cloud of expectation in the air: we confirm that "we will come to visit", in the hope that he will not abandon this idea, or to announce that "we do repairs", due to the fact that you wanted change, and he expected has joined.


We are waiting for him to make the first move, waiting when he will change the status in social networks, waiting to see the elders, waiting for what would be called "best lover in life" that wants to live together...


But waiting forever on the Internet looking for answers, "how to seduce" "how to persuade a serious relationship", "how to change" to somehow bring the desired point, and cut it unbearable to stand by.

We model the expectation of one other: after waiting for non-existent men alone find the real object and begin to wait for him, specifically – and are confident that the latter is much better than the first. Here only you met my eyes – and everything went...

We expect that it will fit first, I did not hesitate and start a conversation easily, without complexes and with something neutral but interesting topics. We expect that at least it will be a sign that we from first sight he liked, and that he has no wife or permanent friend, because we expect that these are not hitting on the first.

We passionately nurture the hope that like I said all to the place that did not impress smug silly or boring serious of the bachelorette. We expect that we appreciated that we met their expectations and left a good impression.

After all is that not what we about an hour spent on fees, choosing a flattering dress, and carefully applying makeup? Do not to expect to please all men who will meet you this evening-night way? We expect that if we are not a perfect example of a woman, with pleasure in their free time to seek it through self-development courses, training on simulators, reading clever books about love and conversation with my friends, filled with intelligence relations with the opposite sex.

On the subject of how we expect that he will write or call back, the footage is already dozens of dramas and even more invented anecdotes. And we're still waiting for that to happen, as the signal of interest and an irresistible proof of the fact that soon "waiting alone" go into a "waiting to pair" and be a little bit better.

Now just don't screw it up badly again and wait that everything will happen according to the traditional scheme: he will find you, he will invite, he will fall in love, he even admits to it first, it will acquaint with friends, he will buy you your own toothbrush, he and your cat will learn to care. And we kind-preterito expect that all this will mean that you are a couple you are meeting. Now, as in yoga: breath, straightened up, crossed his hands on his chest, exhale and return to the standby mode.

At this stage, expectations are usually attached still your parents. Now you almost have the whole family with a cat waiting for him to propose to live together, expect even a hint about the purchase of an apartment, waiting for that now begins "you are me and I am you" and will last forever and until eternity has not yet come, so I expect he at least will talk first about the wedding.

Sometimes you think that if the expectation were a science, then you would have definitely received the Nobel prize and would earn millions. But until you do, you're just waiting to see what he will have to change jobs to fulfill all your dreams, and thinking about it, waiting for him.


Neither the wedding nor the wedding does not mean an end to the expectations, although it seems to us that this is the same Olympus a romantic relationship in which you have the right to sit as a goddess


As it is not so! Now I have to wait for anything else organizes or buy for your young family to expect that he will agree to have a baby, wait to see what happens a little closer to you and will not be so late to return from work on which you have inspired, and in the worst case still waiting that he would have to throw mistress or wakes up and decides not to leave you. Recognize yourself?


Pay attention to whom you share your intimate energy!If things are so bad, spit on the significance and stubborn stream of positive energy!

This is our Russian scheme of love, from tiny expectations a gallant gesture to the expectation that your life will not collapse in an instant with everything that you so carefully planned and built based on your own desires, and on the basis of the same never-ending waiting.published


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Source: sunmag.me/column/11-11-2016-zhdat-muzhchinu-eto-zhenskaya-vrednaya-privychka.html


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