The parable of the omnipotence of 15 minutes

"I know that I want to fix...»One man once saw a strange dream. In it, he had been up for some black, almost sheer cliff. The path was so complex that literally threw a challenge to the existence. Turning back was not there. To abandon the climb meant falling into the abyss and disappear forever.

But the man firmly clambered up, knowing that there awaits him a great reward. And he was right! On top of the Creator appeared to him in a pillar of blinding white-gold light. A sense of awe and grandeur was so complete that the man even in the dream, I felt incredible lightness and calmness throughout the body.

Forty nine million one hundred sixty two thousand four hundred fifty four

This pillar of light was the reward, as with that light that a man could use all the authority and power of the Creator as you wish, but only for 15 minutes. That was the challenge. But the main condition was that their desires had to be sure to say out loud…

The man took the first step and was surprised to find that the pillar of light now moves with it. Certainly! After 15 minutes the light goes out, and with it will go and omnipotence. We had to hurry…

He became desperate to figure out what to wish for... Money! Authority! Fame! Glory! A comfortable life for yourself and loved ones! Thoughts turned into a real hurricane. My heart was beating. Hands, feet and tongue would not obey him.

"But how can I?"exclaimed the man. "I now have incredible power! And don't listen to me even feet, hands and tongue!»

"IT'S BEEN FIVE MINUTES!» heard a thunderous voice which was heard everywhere, as if you were at the center of big bells.

The man was surprised to find that somehow came out of the post white-Golden light. He tried to return to it, but every time something pushed him. To all his questions the answer was only silence. "I guess I wished for something bad that could get me and other people harm...", shyly he thought. No sooner had these thoughts to arise in his mind as a feeling of lightness and peace came back. He was once again inside bright light post.

"IT'S BEEN TEN MINUTES!» again he heard the same thunderous voice.

"How so?!"exclaimed the man. "Really I spent a whole ten minutes wasted of omnipotence?"He was seized by a real panic. Now he was afraid of something to want it again not pushed out of the pillar of light. Thoughts finally went awry. All he ever wanted to, now seemed to him small, insignificant, which will turn into dust after some time.

"ONE MINUTE LEFT!» inexorably a voice thundered.

The man closed his eyes and covered his face with his hands. Process busy thoughts suddenly stopped. The man again felt the column of light that pushed him whenever he started to get really worried and literally shiver with excitement and tension. Like light told him, "relax and calm down." Only now the man realized it.


Now the man really calmed down and even began to smile. Finally, he realized I really wanted to wish for.


"Yes, now I know what I want!"said the man and just wanted to say it, like...awake.

He ran outside and ran like hell. Surprised passers-by looked after him. The man didn't even notice that all the time while I was running, spoke aloud his last phrase "I know what I want!»

He ran for a very long time until exhausted. "Here it is!"he mumbled, seeing somewhere far in the distance a familiar shape.

There one could see the black peak of the cliff, which he saw in a dream. "I must climb... I have enough now for at least five seconds!»

But the strength left him, the man couldn't even move. Suddenly he heard a voice.

— Where are you going? – the man noticed a figure of an old man appeared literally from under the ground.

I want to climb on that rock! – the man answered. Now I know what I want! Now I will succeed.

— But it was just a dream, the old man said. – And on this rock will not be able to climb no one, even the most experienced climber. Just look at her!

— I have to do this! – said the man, who is not even surprised at the appearance of the elder and what he knows about the dream. Now I only need a few seconds…

— Do you really believe that you can gain omnipotence at least fifteen minutes or seconds? – asked the elder.

The man did not know what to say, and looked inquiringly at his unusual companion.

— Omnipotence cannot be limited in time, — continued the old man. – If you will gain, you will have forever. Once you become God, you will never return to human incarnation. However, the test of omnipotence, which you passed, really worth it. You said you know what I want now. What were you going to ask God?

— In those last seconds, standing in a pillar of divine light, I realized that my biggest regret, what hurts dear and close to me, ' said the man. – I want to fix it, to make it so it never happened.

— Change the past? exclaimed the old man. – Yes, for God nothing is impossible. But you'd be surprised by the result. What you call a "mistake", is your lesson. Yes, you hurt those you care about. But rewriting the past, the situation would be repeated again. It's not just your lesson. From the point of view of the omnipotence of your desire does not make sense – you have once again pushed out of the pillar of light…

— What do I do? – totally confused the man asked.

— To ask forgiveness from everyone you have hurt, seriously said the old man. – And not just to ask but to really get it. Is it really harder than to get on black rock risked his life for this?

Sixty six million seventy five thousand three hundred fifty four

The image of the old man vanished into thin air, leaving the man alone with his thoughts. The silhouette of the black rock was still visible on the horizon…

The man somehow reminded of the pillar of light and the feeling of peace that he had. For a moment it seemed to him that the feeling of power came back... Now after the words of the elder, he had the choice, and the rock now was not the only way to solve all their problems... posted


Author: Dmitry Ostrouchov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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