The energy of success: How the subconscious mind attracts the desired

It is understood that the subconscious mind will always give you what you want, and if every day to visualize it in your life will begin to occur joyful changes.

Your powerful domestic "partner" will drive you and push to the circumstances necessary for the implementation of your goals. "A thousand unseen hands," as he calls them Joseph Campbell, will come to you for help.

To the uninitiated it may seem that such a happy "coincidence" is the result of plain luck, but in fact they have nothing to do neither with that, nor with another. This is a consequence of the natural laws which begin to operate under the influence of your thoughts.

Explain the principle of their action. We live in a giant energy web. When you start to lay in your subconscious mind setting to succeed, it resonates energy in the entire energy network.

The subconscious mind continually perceives fluctuations of the energy of success, attracting to you people and circumstances necessary to achieve your targets.

It should be added that with the same successthe subconscious mind can attract and fail, if you dominate negative thoughts. It does not distinguish and does not take thought, and only works with those desires, hopes and fears that are present in your brain.

Fortunately, people are beginning to understand the laws of the material world and the laws that govern the human brain. A few years ago seemed impossible is the idea that we can attract and create the reality with thoughts, it's perspective on these issues has changed, and people understand how this process occurs.

As bundles of energy, our thoughts (meaning just repeatedly repeating images, beliefs, visualization, views and desires) affect the validity. By the way, if you stop and think about it, you realize that differently and cannot be – the world is connected.

Again repeat this very important point. When you mentally associate yourself with the positive, what you want to achieve in reality, your subconscious reacts to it accordingly. Your habitual way of thinking and prevailing at the mental images you create around you the reality, shaping your unique destiny.

If you've decided to take the first steps to a new, beautiful and harmonious life with Positive Thinking (hereafter SPM or the system PM), let me give you a few tipsthat will help make your efforts much more effective.

So, everything that happens to man is the result of his thoughts and actions in this and past lives. If someone gets into trouble, seemingly created by other people or nature, even such a situation is actually provoked by the thoughts and actions of the person.

It is important to understand that persistent a person's thoughts about something cause of this, repeatedly mentally created situations. The more often figurative and more intensely you imagine the situation, the more likely its implementation. It still applies to positive and to negative thoughts.

You should note that big mistake is the concentration of human in getting rid of problems or unpleasant situations. In this case, all thoughts revolve around the problem. Not only that, he lives with negative thoughts, in addition such thoughts, he "feeds" the existence of the problem.

Much better to "let go" situation, not "dwell" on it, and focus on your beautiful state after a successful exit from an unpleasant situation.

Equally impossible to"get stuck" and waiting for a positive result. Haste, impatience, a tense wait for the result gives a vivid negative effect. Our World is much better to know at what point your dreams will be most beneficial for you.

Imagine that in the course of the year you have the probability to have an accident driving your own car. Then the World will reasonably delay the performance of your dreams about your car.

What do you think, what will be the reaction of the World if in a month you will start to get angry at all and Sundry from the fact that your positive thinking has still not led to the emergence of the car?

Remember that the PM system has a wonderful feature: all that really needs come to him in the most acceptable manner. This is a very important, fundamental point.

Therefore, do not scold the World for the "slowness" in fulfilling your desires, because he knows better than you how to execute the desired most favorable way.

If it were not for this important especially if we were talking about reaching their goals in the shortest possible time, the man who dreams quickly become the master of your own apartment, it could get her through the sudden death of parents.

And don't try to restrict the World in choosing the best way for you to dream. For example, wanting to get married, don't tell the World that the groom has to be exactly the man you know. The world knows better what is best for you, because tomorrow you can meet your true destiny.

And wanting to have more money, don't tell the World what it's got to be the jackpot in the lottery. The world visible, a method of obtaining large sums of money for you more favorable and safer.

We strongly recommend to "watch" thoughts and emotions, because of doubt, fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence in the success of the tremendously weaken your overall positive state and prevent success. So throw away all the negative thoughts and emotions, constantly think positive.

At the initial stage, for some, it may be difficult, but a little practice will help to cope with this problem. After all, think positively – it's so nice!

Man thinks in pictures, so visualize the desired result (visualization) dramatically increases the effectiveness of your efforts.

It's one thing to abstractly think "I want a car," and quite another to imagine as you sit in the gleaming new car, happy to breathe in the remaining interior factory smell, gently swipe his hand on the "steering wheel", gently touching multiple buttons, and then smoothly and confidently leave the gates of the dealership...

Unfortunately, the figurative representation works in the negative direction. The most common example is the experience of the mother at the late return of his daughter home. Mother gets herself worked up, imagining the horrible scene, one worse than the other. Someday these imaginary images can be implemented in real situation.

The following advice echoes the rules of formulation of desire. A sure way to desired is to think about what your dream will happen in the indefinite future: "someday I will buy a car".

Thereby you move the desired event to an abstract future that never comes. On the contrary, to imagine it as if it were happening in the present moment, with all the vivid emotions and sensations.

Another tip: choose only your true desires and dreams. The world is impossible to deceive, he knows that being a great musician you wished only to please his mother, and really dream about something else. Therefore will not help.

If the person was some sort of trouble, then it's stupid and harmful, what can he do – it offended all around and even the whole World.

Trouble can happen to anyone now and in the future. People are not perfect, therefore his thoughts and actions man could provoke problems. You need to be able to calmly accept these situations and learn from them.

When a problem occurs ask yourself the "three magic question." Well remember them, because they will help you out of seemingly hopeless situations:

1st question: What happened is good? (not for nothing do they say that there is a silver lining)

2nd question: What can I learn? (once the nuisance is a consequence you have committed errors, it's time to think about what you did wrong and avoid this in the future)

3rd question: How can I correct the situation and get pleasure?

On the basis of the basic Law of our World – the Law of free will of a person trying to use Positive Thinking for the benefit of another person will not lead to the desired effect.

The maximum that you can do to help another is to present themselves effectively to help another person in some exciting for you.

The following rule of course, but it is worth to remind about it. Your desires, naturally, should not bring harm and damage to someone else.

Another, slightly unexpected, but extremely important tip: you should not treat the World and yourself too seriously. Much better when you feel, for example, the audience in the theatre enjoyed watching what is happening. Better to be somewhat relaxed and carefree.

And let's after theory to a small practice:

The secrets of successful visualization

1. Decide what you want to achieve: to pass the exam, get a promotion, someone to meet you, earn a lot of money to acquire their own housing.

2. Relax. For a few minutes, take a break from business and take a deep breath, relaxing body and soul.

3. Within five to ten minutes to visualize the desired reality.

Think more about what you are doing something or becoming, and not about what could have been more or less likely to occur. Live in my mind as if it is happening with you. Create a small video.

Imagine yourself doing what you most want. On the one hand, you realize that actually this you still is not happening and has not yet become a reality.

But mental pictures, which we draw, which is constantly thinking, be the springboard for our purposes, the form that is filled with energy. These pictures are the real force that will work for us.

When rendering gives itself all the necessary qualities. If your mental image of the required talent, courage, determination and perseverance, will definitely include them.

Sometimes you will see clearly to reach the desired goal, as if watching a movie. In other cases, you have only the most General picture of your goals.

Well and then, and more. You can alternate between precise and free visualization, doing every five minutes, or to focus on one thing that you like.

Accurate visualization:Mentally create an accurate picture of the scene and what you want to achieve. Follow the pre-prepared script, mentally having lost it several times.

Free visualization: Allow images and thoughts to freely replace each other, not directing them, but only as long as they show a positive way to achieve your goal.

Use both methods, remembering that the main thing here is practice. Many have difficulties in the initial stages of visualization. Their brain cannot create and draw the desired scene.

Do not worry if the same happens with you. The picture does not have to be complete. Regularly practicing visualization, you will soon surprised to find that your brain learns to create mental pictures according to your desire.

It should be noted that it is not enough to present anything once or even twice. The results will appear only if the image is imprinted in the mind again and again for weeks and even monthsuntil your goal has not been fulfilled. Do not attempt to evaluate the results after one or two attempts of visualization.

If you have doubts – and they will arise – just ignore them. Do not attempt to confront them and deal with them, let them freely appear and disappear in your consciousness. Continue to do the visualization, and everything will fall into place.


You will be surprised! What is actually said tattoos on the bodyweight – protection from distress

In conclusion remains to add that useless to do the visualization and System PM, from the comfort of your sofa. God has no hands but your own.

Even if the World decided that you can give to win the lottery, the ticket you will need to buy yourself.

Therefore it is impossible to lie on the couch! The world provides amazing opportunities but use them can only do you! published


©John Kehoe

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