Women 40+ don't let the hormones get the better of you!

Welcome to the club "Tight pants"!

If you are like me, you woke up one morning and suddenly found nothing good in your closet. Some alien dug through the night in your clothes, and it's all shrivelled up. You completely give up sweets and ice cream, increase exercise, but the weight remains.

No matter how much weight you have seen in the past on their balance, weight in women at the menopause is determined by five factors: hormones, diet, stress, exercise and genetics. Although you are able to control all of these factors, but your healthy weight is certainly within reach.

Here are five steps that will help you to lose weight in menopause:

1. Don't let the hormones get the better of you.

Research shows that estrogen receptors located in the hypothalamus of the brain control food intake, energy expenditure and body fat distribution. When the level of estrogen in the brain, immersed in menopause, the buttons on the control panel go astray.

Increases hunger, slows metabolism and stimulates the increase of fat around the waist. Hormone therapy can potentially be used to adjust the receptors in the brain on the right wave, to reduce the feeling of hunger, encourage you a sluggish metabolism, and to stop the growing waist.

2. Do not sit on diets!

Seriously,diet is not helping. After the diet the weight will not decrease, it will increase. Because during the diet you will provide your body energy, calories for energy is not enough, the metabolism in the body slow down to conserve resources. And after the diet when you're on the regular diet, with metabolism, calories will be stored as fat. It studies the Mayo clinic.

But there is another side to the coin. The study of the University of Pittsburgh involved 465 women with overweight in postmenopausal women. Women ate more fruits and vegetables and less meat, cakes and cheeses. These women threw their weight have continued to lose for another 4 years. So it makes sense to find a program that will work for you. Personally, my husband and I found this. It took place with great success. But I repeat, this is not a short-term diet, eating habits.

3. Exercises.

Physical activity not only reduces the back seat and thick thighs, they also keep the body young. Exercise during and after menopause helps to maintain muscle and bone mass that we tend to lose rapidly after menopause. If you are not sure where to start training, start walking. Long and happy.

Although all exercises raise your tone and increases the levels of endorphins, yet better work those exercises in which you sweat. Increase energy and positive thinking reduce stress, anger, depression. And the result was better than the room. Wearing a pedometer or install special software in the smartphone will help you go the distance.

4. Away the stress!

It's hard to relax especially when you go through the test of menopause, but for your mind and body is very important to decompress the stress. Stress not only tends to add inches around the belly, it can increase your appetite, creating a vicious circle.

High stress breaks the will to eat healthily on a new program. Find those exercises, doing that you smile. Grab your friend or lover to take a walk, ride a bike or go together to the gym. Take the time to read a book, watch a favorite show, meditate or just enjoy your family and friends. Do whatever helps you relax.

5. Control your genes.

The researchers say that genetics plays a huge role in weight at any age. If your cousin delicious dumplings in their later years, you most likely also. Maybe you can't change your genes but you can change their impact on your health.

Walking briskly for an hour a day can cut the genetic influence towards obesity in two times, according to the research of the Department of nutrition at Harvard school of public health. However, a sedentary lifestyle, watching TV 4 hours a day increases the effect of your genes on weight gain by 50 percent, the study said.

A positive attitude is the first step.


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To feel good and to look good. Never too late to start to live a healthy lifestyle. Your brain and body will thank you, and tight clothing will not gather dust in the closet. Take the first step! Go ahead – you can do it! published

from the book Ellen Dolgen Menopause mondeys, translation Svetlana Petruhina


Source: faceculture.ru/menopause-mondeys-7.php


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