Hormonal madness

The most common reason preventing You populationlevel, decided once and for all do away with excess weight, you have to deal with their own laziness, lifestyle, culinary habits and bad habits.The most common reason hindering you to lose weight – hormonal disturbance. You are constantly stepping on the throat of own song, and perform miracles of endurance and self-control, but the scale doesn't move one iota.

In this case, you are virtually powerless, you run the hormones. They are responsible for the extra pounds deposited you on the thighs, stomach and buttocks. But that's not a basis for lowering the hands and humility with the hated size 52, but only an occasion to reflect on how to overcome this barrier and to normalize the activity of the endocrine system.

FEMALE SEX HORMONES that the female figure has a lot of nice curves, we have female hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is not surprising, because they required the woman's body in large amounts, and subcutaneous fat are involved in their synthesis along with the ovaries and adrenals.

The first hormone shots have at puberty. During this period, any excess food is converted into fat stores. The brain quickly learns information about what to do with the surplus – to postpone for the future. The body will continue to act according to a fixed program, but the body gradually grow into unnecessary ballast. To avoid such unpleasant consequences at such a young age is quite simple – help elementary nutrition and physical activity.

The largest number of problems awaiting the woman is middle-aged, many meet its fortieth anniversary with a significant weight gain in the waist and hips. In this period starts the hormonal changes that prepare a woman to have menopause. The amount of hormones produced by the ovaries, falling really slowly and gradually and also steadily rising fat accumulation in the body. To prevent this almost useless, the body will still prevail. Of course, you can torture yourself with diets and exercise, but the result is a whole bunch of symptoms related to the climacteric period: sweating, shortness of breath, pressure fluctuations, deterioration in the appearance of the skin.

The woman in the body to postpone the climax much easier. But that doesn't mean that you should allow your body to spread, by leaps and bounds. Reasonable restrictions in eating and adequate physical activity.

Some women menopause before resorting to hormone therapy. The method is controversial, but to completely write him off is impossible. If the hormonal drugs appointed by the doctor after thorough examination and is strictly under its control, it can greatly facilitate your life. Not to mention the homeopathic drugs containing hormones – they have less contraindications and side effects. Or you can just add in your diet foods rich in plant hormones, like soy beans or pollen. The only disadvantage of such natural remedies – they are only good for long-term use, and in cases of emergency is not effective.

There are situations where a decrease in the synthesis of sex hormones and therefore weight gain is not related to age or physiological changes, and serious diseases of the ovaries e.g. polycystic. As a result of this disease around the ovary benign tumor – cyst.

The symptoms are so bright that it's impossible to miss them: disruptions of the menstrual cycle, growth of facial hair, acne. Noticed this at home? Then run to the gynecologist! He not only prescribe the necessary medicines, but also help to prepare a suitable diet.

During pregnancy all of the body's resources are aimed at carrying a baby and a successful delivery. Genetic so even thin people have a slight tummy and rounded thighs. But after birth comes a fertile period for transformation into a beautiful Swan. Many women not only return the former weight, but also greatly improve the figure. The main thing – do not miss this magical time and to take advantage of the situation.

THYROID HORMONESAnother purely female prerogative are malfunctions of the thyroid gland ( this small organ in the shape of a butterfly is located above the Adam's Apple ). Produced by the thyroid thyroid hormones T3 ( triiodothyronine ) and T4 ( thyroxine ), have a significant impact on the speed of all metabolic processes in the human body.

The more active the thyroid gland is functioning, the more hormones it synthesizes the higher the rate of metabolism. This means that almost all eaten your food processed into energy needed for normal functioning of the body, and not deferred for future use.

Obese people produce too little thyroid hormones, and even with the severe restrictions in the food fails to achieve positive results. The body can not cope even with a small amount of food and prefers to go for the easiest way to make stock. Energy for life simply does not remain. It is not surprising that the classical satellites of completeness are apathy, lethargy and drowsiness.

To spur the activity of the thyroid gland is not so difficult, enough to include in your diet products with increased content of iodine: sea fish, shellfish, and algae, e.g. laminaria. The latter is preferable, there abound in addition to iodine and other trace elements that stimulate weight loss.

There are a number of exercises that came to us from yoga techniques that can enhance the activity of the thyroid gland. First of all, that any movement associated with tilting the neck forward and backward, in which the neck muscles feel some tension. Usually they are included in difficult asanas, but without the twisted yoga poses simple slopes can bring a lot of benefits.Special attention is to be paid to the intake of thyroid hormones, which are part of virtually all diet pills. Not worth doing this unless absolutely necessary. Hormonal therapy is recommended only to people with chronic disorders of thyroid function.

If you still dare such a serious step, first of all, consult your doctor in the future try to avoid regularity in the intake of these drugs. The body quickly gets used to the supply of the hormones from the outside and at the end of therapy refuses to synthesize their own.

The longer you take artificial hormones, the faster is addictive to them. Therefore, these things should take time and intermittently ( e.g., taking three days in a row, then five days off, two days later take a week break, etc.). It is additionally prostimulirujte weight loss and will protect against unpleasant consequences.

GROWTH HORMONESever wonder why Teens eating for three and not getting better? The residents say "went into growth," and they are not far from the truth. In the body of a teenagers raging hormones ( somatropine ) synthesized by the pituitary gland. These hormones not simply utilize fat, they help us to stay in good shape and be more energetic. But with age, more precisely, starting with a 30-year milestone, the synthesis of somatropin drops and by age 50, it production completely stops. All of this will happen to you if you don't care about keeping their hormonal status at the appropriate level.

First of all, you should ensure you have sufficient amount of sleep, so it is in the period of night rest the synthesis of growth hormones increases several times. Peak secretion occurs 90 minutes after falling asleep, so the first two hours of sleep is the most productive. To stimulate the synthesis of growth hormones may be, and by taking certain amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals. One of the most popular supplements are amino acid ornithine and arginine, and b vitamins b and C combined with potassium, magnesium and calcium can greatly increase the effectiveness of their actions.

People partial to heavy physical activity can be recommended to spend a couple of hours a week in the gym. Load his muscles in full, and at night over your body will work double dose of growth hormone. But the injection of growth hormone to healthy people for the sole purpose of losing weight and improving your figure is not only desirable, but contraindicated. The evidence of 30,000 Americans, which is contrary to the strict prohibitions of the official of health was taking the growth hormones in the course of the year. As a result, a minus of 2-3 kg, not more, and a lot of additional troubles in the form of diabetes and malignant rebirth. published


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