5 benefits of individual practice

Individual practice is what you do in order to improve one or another aspect of his personality and life, with some purpose (or set benchmarks) and specific program (plan) of action.

Such practices can be almost anything from a favorite hobby or a beloved work, deep personal relationships, esoteric teachings, physical and personal development. The main condition – the system must require the user constant self-improvement, regular practice. If the system no longer requires a progress and a deepening knowledge – so it is outdated and further out of date. Because stagnation is the same as degradation, only worse, because less obvious.


Practice is always internal. If it requires external attributes, rejection of other ways of developing or imposed behavior is not the practice, and religion or sect.

Why such a practice and that it changes in life? And how it could potentially change the fate of the world on a global scale? I would highlight the following five benefits, but you can find an infinite number of others are relevant to all people or only for yourself.

1. Individual practice leaves no room for questions about the meaning of life. Not in the sense that you stop to think about “eternal”. Just idle thoughts usually occur from inactivity, from a sense of futility and the futility of all that you do. Striving for himself, individual goals, feel right direction of life and its “fullness”. Of course, this illusion – like everything else, but the illusion is good and constructive.


2. Proven – happy people wants to see everyone around happy. When a person feels the fullness of his existence and the progress he's happy. And being happy gives pleasure and joy to others. Happiness is complete only when it is self-sufficient, that is taken inside. No external conditions (wealth, place of residence or relationship to you of others) can influence the feeling of happiness, if it is full. Therefore, individual practice is very personal.


3. Passion private practices eliminates the mental parasites. Excessive interest in politics/religion, jealousy and the desire to “take away and divide” the hatred of dissenters, xenophobia and other types of mental disability arise as a compensating factor for the feeling of belonging to any social, ethnic, religious or other group. It hides their own shortcomings, gives confidence, creates a soothing herd mentality. When dealing with individual practices, it is difficult to continue to classify themselves to any group. Not, there is such a group, even those who are engaged in, say, a system of exercises, because individual practices depends entirely on the personal qualities and source of data involved, and two people alike in the world. A practitioner for individual development programs never desires to “gather and slapped in the neck to those doing something different”. There is no need and needs as time on such nonsense.


4. Individual practice never ends. She is simply no end result, because perfection is unattainable in the same way as the endless road to it. The meaning of life is life itself, the meaning of the practice is in continuous development. There are intermediate goals, the achievement of which causes a feeling of satisfaction, but they are the stage – not the final. Because the development never ends and there is no age/professional/personal crises. In General, exercise internal practice over time makes a person calm and balanced. To worry nothing.


5. Practices are forms of positive dependence. From dependency in some sense inescapable. If you're used to exercise, dependence is formed on a chemical level – the body needs endorphins, which are allocated after a workout. If your practice is – favorite thing (e.g., painting), then the mind will seek to come at that harmonious state, which visited him during the creative sessions. These attachments cover the entire need of the body and soul in dependencies, making unnecessary destructive and harmful habits. If there are no dependencies at all – well, the better.

You need to understand that individual practices – the concept is deeper than just a specific occupation or training. At one stage in the development of practice might include building a business, and in the next phase, doing martial arts. Both will be part of the same practice, one way in which one person continuously evolving. While on the outside he will look completely different, inside it will be one direction, one feeling. And this is the most basic.published

Author: Andrew Nordbon

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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