What is visualization, and whether it works?

Visualization - pretty byway psychology. It involves work on auto-suggestion and self-improvement.

Despite great progress in the research of this aspect of psychology, scientists are not fully able to understand this phenomenon. The process of studying this area makes it possible to plunge into the sea of ​​unexplored and unknown nuances of our consciousness.

The origins of visualization

It should be noted that some forms of visualization have been known since ancient times. For example, in Buddhism it assigned one of the main roles. A whole section is aimed at the study of visualization as a way to self-improvement and achieving goals.

How does it work?

Exciting our minds fictional events (ie, visualization of desires) sometimes grows to materialize facts and pass a series of dreams in the category called "true reality».

Some people noticed a pattern consisting in the fact that the more a person is this or that event in his mind, the more likely its implementation in the existing world. Why is this happening? For what reasons conscious and subconscious have such a powerful impact on people's lives? Answers to these questions are yet to be found.

One explanation for the processes taking place in the subconscious of the person in the visualization can serve as a study of methods of brain activity. The fact that the brain is absolutely unimportant, real or invented images which represents its owner.

And this is the confirmation. If you recall any particularly vivid dream, we can see that the feeling in slumber are no different from overt manifestations of consciousness. In the dream, as in reality, there is also joy or sad, calm or anxious, may be a feeling of love, fear, anger, and so on. The fact that the brain takes these images of "good faith", and confirmed various physiological parameters. For example, it quickens the heartbeat and breathing may change.
The concept of visualization is firmly established in modern life. And now many have heard this term, but still not many people can tell you what it is.
Thus, when rendering desires, representing some of the images in the mind, a person makes your brain is working in that direction. Search starts solving the problems on a subconscious level. It is quite possible that the target at regular visualization exercises will be achieved.

Psychologist Comment:

A wide range in our country the term "visualization" became famous literally in recent years, not least thanks to the sensational documentary about the power of thought "The Secret." It visualization desire is seen as a way to achieve the desired optional. Its essence is simple: understand what you want and paint is how you get it. And then the universe will have no choice as to present Visualize the person wants to - literally on a silver platter.

Will this approach work? A small percentage of people, perhaps, yes. But most of the "naked" unsubstantiated visualization of no benefit. Why? On it there are at least two reasons.

The first reason of failure in imaging: the motivation does not work

Yes, indeed, there are studies in which athletes basketball offers daily engaged in visualization - over and over again to imagine how they throw the ball and get to the basket. After a few weeks the actual athletic performance of these people were somewhat higher than those from the control group of athletes who do not visualized.
But there is one catch, tied to another feature of our consciousness. If one visualizes what he really wants to achieve (a promotion, buying an apartment, etc.), and it turns out this is good, there is a paradoxical thing.

Since our brain is no difference between imagined events and real facts, then, having received a vivid image to a visualization with the purchase of private housing, our brain decides that this task is successfully solved, and thus continue to expend energy on her achievement is no longer needed. Brain "calms down" and stop working on this problem, and its owner wonders: Why buy an apartment still can not manage?

For this reason, take consumer loans - a very bad idea, because in this case the fee is preceded by the efforts that need to do to get what you want. Proper motivation is still running in another way: "In the morning - the money in the evening - the chairs" and nothing else.

The second reason why the visualization may not work: lack of harmony with the unconscious

Unfortunately or fortunately, not everyone is aware of what he really wants, and that is really useful and right for his personal growth and life in general. For example, not too successful sales manager can assume that the reason for its financial and professional failure - that he is not doing enough work. And, to better explain his subconscious witted as he needs a promotion, he begins using the appropriate visualization, which, of course, is not working. Why?

It is possible that deep down this man has long wanted to change his job that he is a much better and more satisfying - such as programming or work realtor. But he does not dare to recognize this fact and recognize that you need to change something. Continuing to do the same thing, such a person may be just killing ourselves unloved work and blocks their development. And the man unconscious, which often knows best what is good for him actually resists, including visualization of desires of his mind, that is, Ego.

What to do? To begin with - to understand whether the goals you want to achieve with the help of visualization, truly yours. Is it true that they match your deepest desires and needs, or their achievement even more alienate you from what you actually need?

To summarize

Sometimes, to understand what you really need, it can be difficult. Therefore, if you are doing everything in order to get what you want, and imaging is still not working, it is possible that you would benefit a couple of consultations with a psychologist or coach.

If your desires do not come true, and the goals are not achieved, it is always a reason. And the better you can realize them, the easier you will make in your life is really important and necessary changes.


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