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Let's face it - we would not have so much love some films, if not musical accompaniment to them. Music creates the mood and need to hear this or that melody, we once again dipped into the feelings experienced when viewing the most touching scenes in the film. Composer James Horner - a master of creating great music. It is not just the strength to write his ear pleasant melody, it 'inspires' emotions through music. Horner boasts cooperation with kinomonstrami such as James Cameron, Wolfgang Petersen and Ron Howard, and some directors just do not think his films without the works of this composer. August 14 James Horner celebrates its 60th birthday and to mark the anniversary, I invite you to remember the 8 best soundtracks created by that genius of the music.


Soundtrack is hard to imagine a more famous and epic than to the "Titanic" James Cameron. 16 years ago, when the film came out, the world is going crazy, not only in the young DiCaprio, but also heartbreaking melodies Horner. Music for the "Titanic" earned the composer two "Oscars" and two "Golden Globe».


Horner three collaborated with Mel Gibson-directed, but it was music to the "Braveheart" was the best of their joint creation.

"A Beautiful Mind»

Biopic about the mathematical genius John Nash shook not only the Hollywood kinoakademikov, but the whole world. Not the least role in this story played music that makes dramatic film was mysterious and even mystical. Thanks for that Horner! By the way, the composer has collaborated with the director of "mind games" Ron Howard as much as 7 times, and his work has always been an integral part of films.

"Apollo 13»

Another collaboration Horner and Howard. A film about a failed space mission, though not received the "Oscar" for the soundtrack, but very liked by the audience.

"Legends of the Fall»

Another fan of talent Horner - is directed by Edward Zwick. He collaborated with the composer three times, the first collaboration of the military drama "Valor" almost ended in scandal - due to creative differences. Work on the "Legends of the Fall" took a more relaxed, but Zwick until recently doubted Horner - he believed that the style of the composer is not entirely suitable to accompany touching romantic scenes. Of course, Zwick was wrong.


Show me a man who has not experienced death at the hands of Hector, Achilles, and I call him heartless! Of course, a significant role in this scene played talent actors to implement it on the big screen (Brad Pitt and Eric Bana), but do not forget about the music. Moreover - in the world there are not so many songs that cause such pain.

"The Perfect Storm»

Another great movie with perfectly chosen background music. Some would say that the soundtrack of "The Perfect Storm" does not correspond to the plot of the film, they say it is not no storm of feelings and temper tantrums. I think music is very accurately conveys the mood of the movie - just like its heroes have taken their destiny - humbly but with a share of tragedy.


Again teamwork Horner and Cameron. From the first frame of "Avatar" makes it clear who is the author of music for the film. Creation James Horner recognized, and this again proves that no composer has its own incomparable style. I in no way want to belittle the talent is not the directors and actors cooperates with Horner, but in the case of his works of music often makes the whole movie.


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