Famous people use the services of surrogate mothers

August 12, it became known that the director George Lucas (creator of the saga of Star Wars) was the first time the biological father. How he did it in 69 years, you ask? It's simple: the director and his wife Melody Hobson took advantage of very popular with the rich and famous method of reproduction - the services of a surrogate mother. Now adult adoptees Lucas (they had three) appeared little sister. We are happy for him and wish the baby grow up healthy and big, and also present a selection of the most famous people who used the services of surrogate mothers

One of the most sensational "daddies" -Elton John and David Furnish. They have proven that love has no boundaries, not only officially sanctioned the marriage, but after going through all the vicissitudes of the law, "giving birth" of the two sons of the surrogate mother

Similarly did Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Bartek. The twins Harper and Gideon have two wonderful dads, but the identity of the surrogate mother, they kept secret. But Harris does not hide that use the services of the surrogate mother of his experience prompted Elton John, his good friend

Twins grow and ageless singer Ricky Martin macho. The actor broke up with his partner and successfully cope with the upbringing of Valentino and Matteo yourself

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban try not to advertise the fact that their second daughter, Faith Margaret was born through a surrogate mom, but the real fans of the star couple, of course, aware of this

Miniature Elizabeth Banks did not dare yourself to experience all the delights of pregnancy (she had some health problems), but the joy of motherhood she and her husband Max Handelmanu presented to the surrogate mother. Thanks to the family of the actress had two sons - Felix Magnus

After the birth of his first son James Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick six years trying to have children again, but to no avail. Then the pair decided on surrogacy and now the twins Tabitha and Loretta pleased Sarah and Matthew every day

The second son of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Prince Michael II was born thanks to the surrogate mother, whose identity has long tried to uncover journalists (unsuccessfully, by the way)

One of the most successful and well-known fashion photographers Annie Leibovitz - a lesbian to the bone, but it does not prevent her to experience the joy of motherhood. In 2005, the surrogate mother gave birth to twins Annie Samuel and Susan

Of Russian celebrities services surrogate mother once took Philip. The desire to have children without a wife, discussed and criticized many fans of dawn, but the actor is happy to finally be a father. The legacy of Philip - Alla-Victoria and Christine Martin, charming kids with double names


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