Soviet legend

ZIL plant died. And how he had branches? How profitable was the Soviet economy - take train / railway ZIL "insulate" the distant Siberian city? Corroded clock hanging above the main "paradkoy" froze exactly 11:30. When they got up, already hardly who can say for sure. Empty eye sockets of windows, the dilapidated facade, piles of broken glass and debris - a sad picture can be observed today, looking at - once the giant of the local industry - Chita assembly plant, whose territory except slightly less than a huge area to other former giants - komvolno-cloth factory .

But somehow, if they know about the CSC and distressed many of the assembly plant once a little forgotten. And in vain, because remember to actually have that. And not only remember, but also to see what is left of it today.
Back in 1974, when the whole world was watching the 10th World Cup football in Germany, he lamented the first in American history the resignation of President Nixon, and rejoiced the victory of ABBA at Eurovision in Brighton, in a remote Siberian town of Chita, with a population of no more than 240 thousand people, began production of the northern modifications truck ZIL-130C. How, then, was listed in the gray protocol documentation "North modification differs from the basic model starting preheater, insulation of the engine bonnet, cabin, battery container, and double-glazed cabin. Tires and rubber products, made of cold-resistant rubber

. In addition, in Chita on the car headlights were installed Searchlight, fog lights, winch, derived on the right side of the exhaust pipe, additional fuel tank ... »
It is now fashionable to talk about the profitability of production, the Soviet economic system was built differently, and was designed primarily to employment. In fact, all of the above can be installed on the main Moscow factory Likhachev, but "stotridtsatki" parties were forwarded by rail in our city, where fine-tuned and distributed to the northern corner of the Union. What they say, in addition to its own needs, the car is sold in more than forty countries, mostly "third world". Later Chita car assembly plant to learn and build normal "ZIL". Huge urban scale plant was designed for an average annual assembly of cars in the amount of 30-35 thousand, and 5000 - for northern. The car is assembled at the local plant was very popular - otherwise it could not be, because "stotridtsatke" was originally destined to the so-called staged truck. A "landmark" machine Soviet terminology understood by automotive technology, which is destined to be a long time in production.

Time passed, and with it changed the Soviet leaders, changed views on the economy and as a result, Chita having all the necessary prerequisites for the rapid development of the industrial site, sprawl it into a major industrial region, like many other cities start quickly lose all large industrial facilities. It happened with Chaz ...

The first thing that catches your eye - a huge corridors. It is difficult to convey, but stepping into the vacant space of the former giant as a time machine transported to distant 70th. The walls in some places retained the gray tile, huge, untouched by time and watchmen glass partitions between the shops. Intuitively, you start to catch - there was a shower here - the library there - dining room. Underfoot - huge piles of rubbish, but what rubbish! After a fifteen-minute walk through the corridors in my hands were the last pieces of paper - yellowed accounting records dating back to 1975.. Stamped on the machine, stacks of sheets lying on wages.

Here, the first on the list - one Abrosimov A. Based on a piece of paper, Comrade got my hands on 129 rubles, which were withheld YCL and trade union payment. A little further, in the "Temnushka" on one another lying old posters with a list of the names of the foremost. With gray pictures me smiling workers of communist labor, winners of socialist competition, the best in the profession. Those on the Chita car assembly plant were changed every quarter. Immediately beneath posters pile piled four-legged campaign stands. Needless to say - I had to work to breathe dust and a little dirty.

It's no secret that at all times the Communist Party has used powerful visual propaganda for the communist education of the people, or, as they say - to enhance their political consciousness. And PEA is no exception - the propaganda carried out deliberately and officially called ideological work. "We will come to a victory of Socialist Labor", "Give over the plan" and other inscriptions are full of relevant content along with illustrations

. Most interestingly, stands fairly well preserved, and certainly could interest the collectors or simply fans of the Soviet era.
Strange, but in the whole of this historic paper, I have not found a single poster with the leaders. The only thing that managed to find - a portrait of Vladimir Shcherbytskyi - party and state leader, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine in 1972-1989 years. In my head somehow maliciously I thought was that here, in the remote Siberian plant, there were Ukrainians.

Carefully follow further - carefully, because as already limping on one leg - on the floor there, here lying good wooden planks with protruding nails. On one of these I come, fascinated looking into the eyes of the portrait Shcherbytsky.
Then gaze is dining room - an essential attribute of any large enterprise. In Soviet times, people are not only fulfilled and overfulfilled decisions of the next congress of the CPSU, but just wanted to eat. Not difficult to find sanctuary cooking - in the corner of a large cooking stoves (or rather what was left of them), a huge darkened chang, where oil paint faded written "first meal". Most likely, he was lucky to survive due to the composition. Because during my excursion into the past, I have not found in the territory of either aluminum or copper or other valuable metals

Hungry workers in ChAZe Sovdep provided the first pickle, the second stroganoff, noodles as a side dish, and of tea, which relied pancakes - with syrup or sour cream. This menu is dated 27 April 1978, the year is written typewritten, and found me in the next room, in huge racks of different waste paper.

There I found piles of drawings of different parts, but the special value for me, they have not submitted, because in the lower right corner, which usually have a title block that contains information about the product depicted, shape, size - was dated June 17, 1994. Almost "svezhak."

Another exciting place in the path of becoming the principal's office. Rather, all as expected - first reception, followed by itself the monastery superiors. To distinguish it from the other easily - powerful sovdepovskie racks, huge tables and again very often rare paper. Thick order filing Director preparation plant energy facilities for the autumn-winter period of 1975-1976., Minutes of the meeting the deputy chief engineer on the operation of the plant (June 16 of 1975), signed by the Secretary. All papers are handwritten edits, disassemble which, unfortunately, is not possible. Immediately lying newspaper "Zabaikalsk worker" dated 14 August 1976 and the repair guide VAZ 2106. The last draw the conclusion that either the director or someone close is just the proud owner of the first issues of "six".

Next to the principal's office - box office - a small window in the narrow corridor. Imagination and draws a crowd of workers occupying a place in line for the front. Gul, somewhere laughter, discussion of working moments, the tension in anticipation of the money. By the way, there, behind the louvered window (currently, then I can safely go there) fastened to the floor two iron monster-safe. What's inside - is still a mystery, because the metal boxes closed on the lock. We can only guess how many more interesting things can be found inside.

Long did not hesitate to come to the assembly hall - is not that terrible, but the fact that the room is not very pleasant smell. Throughout a large dog feces, sometimes rolling in human excrement. However, at least from afar still photograph.
The logical conclusion of travel becomes very heart of the plant - the area where there were conveyors. The place will tell you horrible. Located on a small hill, I almost did not see the final frontier. Only the iron fittings on the top issues once premises. Perhaps 10 years from now, when the village TPP will not be the most distant area of ​​the city, this area will become a regular supermarket. It is more likely than here again begin to produce trucks.
This was a trip into the past. To praise or criticize the Soviet system, once instantly collapsed, and did not come to a brighter future, it can be long. But to do this, we will not. It was just a tour. Excursion to the past of the country, a great power, which most of us were born.



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