Ignorance of the language is not an excuse

There are cases - do not really know - laugh or even to react.
For example, people in Taiwan went to walk in the gifted son of a T-shirt. The most that neither is normal, I would say benevolent occupation. But somehow police wanted to identify walking citizen. Since they are quite recently underwent a crash course in teaching English. And they are very much interested in the inscription on the t-shirt. A T-shirt was written by the English word «Wanted». Also happens. That only on T-shirts do not write. And myself, I remember, somehow wore jeans with this inscription on the label. Stopped. Checked. It turned out that did so - wanted, and for a long time. And for good reason - suspicion of drug trafficking.
Tell me - just sovpadenitse or what? Son gives a T-shirt. That'S Great. Dad did not speak English (even in jest would not put, if he knew that it was written). Police officers have been trained to perceive the inscription literally (and wondering if it was on the shirt naisano «killer» - very easily, they that would shoot without warning? Mdja. East ...) As a result, the chain of events leads to a "fair retaliation "-" a thief should sit "and the like.
In general, the ignorance of the world's major languages ​​- a dangerous thing in the world today.


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