Russian scientist received the award in the amount of $ 3 million

Russian physicist Andrei Polyakov awarded Fundamental Physics Prizes, the prize fund is equal to three million dollars. According to RBC with reference to Swiss media, this award were marked Polyakov work in field theory and string theory.
In addition Polyakova, prizes were also awarded to the famous British scientist Stephen Hawking (for discoveries in theoretical physics), and a group of scientists of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, working on the Large Hadron Collider (for detection of particles, has the characteristics of the Higgs boson).

Award presentation took place in Geneva. Led the ceremony the famous American actor Morgan Freeman, as well as invited guests of honor attended the British singer Sarah Brightman and Russian pianist Denis Matsuev.

Award Fundamental Physics Prizes awarded for work in the field of fundamental physics. It was established by the Russian Internet entrepreneur Yuri Milner. This is the only award in the scientific world, which its size exceeds the famous Nobel.

This year it is awarded for the second time. In 2012 it became the owner of nine scientists including mathematician Maxim Kontsevich and physicists Andrei Linde and Alex China.


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