For the first time in the history of mankind has left the solar system

Interplanetary probe NASA «Voyager-1", launched over 35 years ago, left the heliosphere, thus becoming the first object that has gone beyond the solar system. This was reported in an article by American scientists, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.
"Voyager 1" left the region, which depends on the exposure to the sun, the data show such characteristics of hydrogen and helium, which are planned, should be observed in the interstellar medium, "- the article says.

Heliosphere is called an area in which there is the solar wind. Beyond interstellar space begins.

"Voyager-1» (Voyager-1) was launched on September 5, 1977. This probe was the first who made detailed images of Jupiter and Saturn. The facility is secured gold-plated disc, which reported the coordinates of the Earth. Also on board the "Voyager" is a golden record with sounds and songs from our planet. All this is part of the object, in case he was discovered extraterrestrial civilizations.


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