May Day in Berlin

Photo report from zyalt, comments will be away from his face.

69 + 1 photo, no blood, almost everything peacefully.

00. May 1 I spent a whole day filming a demonstration in Berlin. It was interesting to compare our work and the German police. I can say at once, everything is not like other people. Demonstrators here drink beer in the morning to the evening leaves the bottles to the police beat and glass jars. And workers solder police themselves. The police does not cover the floor of the city that hosted the crowd of hooligans, but rather trying to be inconspicuous and once again not to provoke the proletariat, published in the May Day march. But when the police starts to work, no one thought occurs to argue and defend their rights, because the answer demonstrator will stick, a can of tear gas and handcuffs. Photographers here do not like the two sides. In the demonstrators there are special people who beat the camera, and the police can take the memory card, if he sees that you photographed his face. All people do not like.

01. Demonstration starts in the morning. Take part in them committed by different people. In the column of thousands marched together socialists, Turks Stalinists, anarchists, wipers, offended Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, disgruntled Arabs, environmentalists and just onlookers.

02. What is the May Day without Stalin and Lenin? I do not quite understand why the Turks are so revered Stalin.

03. Route march of almost 10 km. Surprisingly, there was almost no police. Many thousands of column were several cars with the police. Nikih barriers, metal detectors framework, internal troops and other attributes of Russian rallies have been reported.

04. Dissatisfied with the people of Bahrain. I did not understand why they are dissatisfied, but they cried the loudest.

05. Dissatisfied with the Sri Lankans, they are dissatisfied with the fact that there offend Tamils.


07. Very dissatisfied Turks

08. Morning demonstration took place quite peacefully. The police did not intervene, people with music and chants came to the Brandenburg Gate, where there was a scene tent with food and drinks. The end of the march was more like festivities. But these demonstrations will be yet to come. Here it should be noted that the authorities are trying to replace the traditional May Day protests with their riots and clashes, festivals. Proletarian hands instead of cobblestone put a glass of beer with sausage and everyone is happy. To celebrate the May 1 cover entire neighborhoods, streets turn into a huge dance floor, people fed and watered. 50% of the money for a holiday gives the Berlin police. As conceived by the authorities of the holiday should distract people.

09. These are the posters who had hung on trees.

10. All the sidewalks are filled with fast food stalls. Some just put tables and barbecues, fried meat, someone squeezes juice, someone makes cocktails.

11. A lot of people on the street is the smoke from the grills.

12. Someone goes with foam rocks on elastic bands depicting the rebels.

13. Children are invited to beat the shark capitalism.

14. Lawns resemble Soviet beach, a lot of people.

15. And then suddenly there is a column of demonstrators. vacationers grab children and run. On the streets of slight panic starts.

16. The convoy was escorted people in glasses, it is the police, their ocheno much for another 5 minutes ago, they were dispersed through the streets, but quickly gather around the demonstrators.

17. At some point, they quickly take out and wear vests with the word "POLICE" and begin to drive away the people clearing the passage of the column.

18. The convoy stopped and something argue. Try not to provoke the protesters. Clearing the way police shoot column vests and dissolve into the crowd. Act very cautiously. All the streets are filled with people, and in the case of collisions here will not be able to drive machinery, and any conflict can result in crowding and panic. Demonstrators freely passed a few laps around the block pushing holidaymakers.

19. Even walking is such a service. At the sight of the demonstrators they had disappeared.

20. The main collection was appointed to 6pm. Evening procession of anti-fascists, anarchists and other & quot; -ist & quot; has been agreed with the police. Gathering place was cordoned off and searched at the entrance of all.

21. In the beginning there was a rally. About an hour later the crowd moved to the designated route. Estimate the number of participants is very difficult, I think it was more than 10 000 people. All surrounding streets were busy with the police, unlike the morning processions everything was serious. In key areas of exposed water cannons and armored vehicles.

22. Thus the column went chant mainly anti-fascist and anti-capitalist slogans.


24. According to the route on rooftops appeared people with flags and fireworks, firecrackers and fireworks launched.

25. The crowd is quite aggressive. Constantly heard strong explosions.

26. Activists wearing sunglasses and with covered faces. If the police can prove participation in the pogroms, the detainee will face serious time. Last year, 9 months put two pupils, suspected that they allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail.

27. Press runs in front of the column, in the crowd, no one comes. I was wondering what was going on. And there hooligans dismantled sidewalks.

28. And the beat shop windows. It is worth noting that the shops are selected very carefully. Goes primarily to banks and large retail chains. The owners are aware of this, so close to the bank, which closed all the windows with plywood can run cafe owner who has nothing to fear. Some stores have installed armored glass, stones fly away from them back into the crowd, a very fun, dodge the protesters from their own rubble. After I did this picture, I was grabbed by hooligans. As I understand it, they decided to take my camera. Then colleagues explained that shoot in the crowd is not recommended, as the protesters are worried that the photo will remain their cute faces.

29. So someone's paw grabbed me by the neck, while others began to pull out the camera, but then there was an explosion of firecrackers next. I took advantage of the confusion and fled. Telephoto shooting proved to be safe.

30. At some point, the crowd caught a police van. It started throwing stones, the crowd started to drink in a rage at the car and try to turn it, but the police had to leave almost asking the witness (I was standing right in front of the machine).

31. Note that, before the column no photographer. Two lovely young man go ahead and beat photographers. When I broke the glasses of one (and a little person) someone just hit the cameras. Press tries to keep at a safe distance. My Moscow habit to always be in the thick of things almost cost me the camera.

32. And here is the capitalist press. They go in helmets, some wear protection motorcycle suits. At first I laughed at them, but when flying over your head stones are no longer a laughing matter.

33. A small digression. Let's see who participate in the procession. This is the police. As I explained, the German police should not be removed. If they see that they are photographed, can take the memory card, but such cases are not known to me.

34. It demonstrators. A lot of punks and sympathizers.

35. In anticipation of the start of the march peacefully all bask in the sun.


37. In the morning all the fun thumps, so that by the time the parade crowd very funny. Beer sold on every corner, while moving columns operate bars. Moreover, in selling beer including glass bottles, which are then fly to the police. Let me remind you that the demonstrators solders including the police themselves, which sponsors the mass May Day celebrations.

38. Some demonstrators defiantly polite and nice, they give police flowers.

39. Look at the bunny.

40. Other behind them throwing stones and bottles, firecrackers explode and light fireworks.

41. Now let's see how it reacts to all the police. Until recently, trying not to provoke the protesters. The police turned a blind eye to the explosions, broken windows and other innocent pranks crowd. Many people come here just for this. An elderly German said that in Germany there is a concept rock-kidatelnogo tourism. Wishes almost legally podeboshirit come to demonstrations across the country. May 1, you can burn a few cars with impunity, break windows and leave the police with stones.

42. When the actions of the crowd crossing the border, the police stopped her. Formally, to start detentions need a reason, if there is no reason, the police may deliberately provoke the crowd. For example disguised as a policeman can throw in a bottle of colleagues or the direction of travel of the column can be "accidentally" forgot police car, which then begins to beat the crowd. That's enough to police could start perfectly legal detention.

43. Detentions are very tough. With demonstrators not particularly ceremony. In the crowd rushes at the same time about 20 police officers, clearing the way they currently batons and elbows. After the police withdraws from the crowd victim lying on the pavement are randomly beaten demonstrators. The press, too, especially not favor, so she can be seen on the frame especially close and not go.

44. Also, the police did not hesitate to use tear gas. This spray is always at the ready. Usually it looks like this:

- Get away, you are preventing the passage of citizens! - Says the police ...

- Yes, it's you stop! This is our city! Where I want, and I stand there! - Answers him demonstrator, after which receives a stream of gas in the face and hit with a truncheon on the neck.

45. That the demonstrators who tried something to argue. Listen to them did not, but just poured from a container with gas. Some scoundrel in torn jacket decided to get up in front of me, because he hit me in the face any rubbish from a container. At first I thought that there acid, but like all quickly passed.

46. ​​Here is the mobile unit that sent the crowd for the detention of another activist. It is bound to have several operators, a policeman with a plastic shield in hand lantern. They burst into the crowd, they fly bottles (the photo shows the broken glass underfoot).

47. And he's a happy moment of detention. By the way, the German police no one even tries to ask documents and learn the reasons for zaderzhaniya.Rabotayut they very quickly and accurately. Detainee lead so that no one could be seen on his face. Sometimes just tilted down and throw up their hands, and sometimes covers his face.

48. Specific brave journalists try to make a spectacular frame and run up close. but it is not safe. By the way, unlike in Russia, the detainees did not try to escape. For the most violent have tear gas, batons and handcuffs.

49. There is another group of capture.

50. At the police bus immediately get a picture with the camera and see that everything was beautiful.

51. Another demonstrator on his knees about something asks police. Police pulls cans with gas, for further discussion.


53. That on such machines take away the bullies. Friends try to stop the car, but they do not respond. The machine picks up speed, the demonstrators run.

54. This young man thought that I had rented (and rightly thought), he wanted to rebel, for which he received from the police

55. He went on to something starts to cry, gets the crowd.

56. Police Fire fly. Demonstrators lit smoke bombs.

57. It starts to panic. Police are trying to extinguish the Fire parallel bludgeons demonstrators.

58. Some police have here are the fire extinguishers. They need if they start setting fire to cars.


60. How to work with the crowd. About the same as our riot. When the crowd starts to whoop it is surrounded, and then crushed into small groups and detain activists. Periodically at intersections and squares crowd stopped and surrounded. From different sides leave small outputs. It starts small and crush people go in different directions, back they are no longer allowed. So the crowd is becoming less



63. At key points worth armored vehicles and water cannons. This time they were not needed.

64. In the photo police separates from the crowd a small group, then it is surrounded and pushed into the lane, so the end of the procession from the main column in parts separated for nearly half of people.

65. As I have said, after police break into the crowd to hold another activist, sit on the pavement are accidental victims. They will be assisted on the spot. To this end, the crowd are on duty physicians.

66. Surprisingly, during the procession of the column cover, not all of the street. Nick barriers and no cordon, the crowd just goes around the city. Random motorists who did not know about the march, are in the middle of the action. Someone manages to leave quickly, and someone standing, and hopes that his car was not moved. Especially experienced owners of expensive cars. Route march warn citizens in the newspapers, and then everyone chooses detour routes.

67. At this time, the demonstrators reached endpoint. There they were surrounded by police. From the environment produced by one. At the exit of all filmed on camera. Surrounded by a crowd of cars, and try to make sure that people were pretty tight, but there was no stampede. If you leave too much space, demonstrators will be room to maneuver, and they throw the police bottles and stones.

68. Water Gun at this time no one applied.

69. All the while! Everything I saw - personal impressions. I could be wrong. As reported by the local media, it was one of the most peaceful demonstrations. In past years, smashed shops and banks, burned cars. Now crushed German proletarian.



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