The town where I live

Actions are almost at the edge of the world, in my favorite hero town Murmansk!

Episode I & quot; City through the eyes of professional photographers & quot;


port, coal berths, by the people "embers»


view of the main street Lenina

a monument to the hero of the Great Patriotic War Anatoly Bredov


Square, the central square of "Five Corners" (the city is almost no parks, and there are no parks)


The parish of St. Nicholas Cathedral




view of the monument to the defenders of the Soviet Arctic in the nation, "Alyosha monument»


a port


Pervomaisky district of the city


polar night, one of the "corners" of the central square


Regional Drama tetras


Fishery College. Mesyatsev, by the people "sreduha" because This building used to be called & quot; Average morehodku & quot;


Regional Scientific Library


Hospital "Sevryba" terrible place)))))


and another piece of winter

Episode II & quot; city ​​through the eyes of locals & quot;


what? drunk "walruses" and snowdrifts knee


as well as machines

stairway to heaven


before the construction of a hypermarket "Okey»


Murmansk do not like pop music


what? Many still believe that we here in the north is rich in live


and sometimes in the winter it is so boring that you do not know what to do


Yes, in the summer, too, some do nothing


the road is not repaired


Cemetery home toys


alarm "Tuzik»


itself is bad imagine


Well, this national


Cap came


In Murmansk, too, there are patriots


Our hardy beds


and holidays we celebrate the long


and our skiers are known all over the country


I do not know what to say about this


this dog is always in this place


we all love animals

22 ads and billboards, we also are fun

And finally on themselves Murmansk:
... Do not you funny jokes from this: "You were the summer? Yes, but on this day I was working ";

... South for you all that is south of Kandalaksha; Of course, the South already!

... Collecting mushrooms in the birches. Birches were smaller mushrooms.

... I am sure that the sea never freezes.

... I believe that water is 10 degrees - warm enough for swimming. - ... I do not quite understand what the horizon

... Find Snow in July - this is normal.

Month ... and the sun hanging side by side do not cause absolutely no emotion.

... For once filled the stories that live in yaranga (or tent), roam the streets polar bears, but instead the taxi - deer. And you believed

You're in Murmansk, if in June to see the clock 12-00, you are in the sun and schurishsya doubt the time of day. Standing in the snow.
... You're from Murmansk, if you have had to answer questions about the Muscovites polar bears in the city.

... You're not surprised, feeling in the center of the sharp smell of moldy stuff, that only means that the plant for the processing of fish waste airing today. It's not dead whales in the bay.

... You're from Murmansk, if you are already drawing Muscovites scheme of the Earth around the Sun to prove that the polar day - not fiction. But in the polar night, and they believe easily on the move.

... You're from Murmansk, if the stories about the white nights of St. Petersburg makes you just grin

... You're from Murmansk, if the word "Cola" for you only in the third phase of the drink.
... Have you ever bathed in the hole on the Semenov lake, or at least, friends called you there. And, of course, immediately wipe and dress - shame. First - vodka.

... You're in Murmansk, if calling a taxi, you are helping to dig it first, pushed, and then just going. And do not you demand for this discount from the driver - you are a long time in Murmansk.

... You're from Murmansk, if you are 12 years of waiting for the opening of the bridge across the bay, and now ride on it just to ride. Because on the other side you do not need.

... Someone of your friends probably went to school by boat. And you envied them, because the boat could not always go to sea. And early in the morning you turned on the radio to hear if there is a storm warning, maybe in school and do not have to.

... Two out of every five of your friends are constantly studying Norwegian

... Do you know who is Alesha and where his monument
... If you figure 69 is associated not only with the position of the Kama Sutra.

... Serene summer morning going to work in a T-shirt and shorts, just in case you take a jacket with him.

... Watching the news on the center channel are you shouting "fucking they have grass greens»

... Back to the city by train you're not afraid to drive his station

You murmanchanin if you explain to their friends, who do not like fish, that they at least once in life is to try and Ruff after they tried, each time asking you to be brought from Murmansk Ruff. ))))

You murmanchanin, if you have not once explained to the people what the volcano)))

You Murmansk if t +10 makes you throw a cloak.
you become terribly funny when Muscovites say, we have a cold snap (((up to + 10 degrees ...)))))))))))))))

murmanchanin you if you come to the car once a week just to dig it

if not corrected once familiar with the south, which is called the Murmansk Murmansk and argue that it is right !!!
... Already furious !!!

-Who In April skis on ice fishing?

You Murmansk, if 20 minutes on the bus for you too far, but a hundred kilometers "on the barbecue" - well, look for another lake.

Arriving in the city, located on a plain, you're jealous local cyclists.

If you say that we have a short summer, but little snow.

You Murmansk, if able to sunbathe on the lake, where the ice has not melted.

You Murmansk, if you show the photo to friends dated May 17th, where you stand on the ice of Lake Semenov.

Only murmanchanin would argue that the "Five Corners" is Five Corners, not four.

You - murmanchanin if you are pleased northern winter, instead of the south wind.

You murmanchanin, if not surprised, that the distance between buildings 110 and 152 - a one-stop transport and between 101 and 151 - three ... And that the house is located opposite the 95 150 houses on the same avenue ...

You Murmansk, if you can go to the second-class car, find a passenger to the Adler and give him two salmon. And then to call relatives in Lipetsk to meet. and never for a moment doubt that everything will be okay.

You murmanchanin-IF YORSH FOR YOU FISH BEER, BEER AND NOT vodka!

... If the bird fulmar reason called cormorants!

You murmanchanin-if quietly on the bus to talk to you-norm and hubbub buses southern cities puzzling!

You murmanchanin if the word "growth" you have not been associated with the "growth" and "Zhilstroy" not with "housing construction" and thus both words associated with the lost mobile and broken snout.

You - murmanchanin, if you believe in omens, that if the snow is not until August to leave, summer will be cold

Murmanchanin you- if you go in winter coat buttoned, and in the summer ... in rastegnut!

You murmanchanin, if you wildness - to take on the road with the money fellow drivers to assist. Well, there, "pull", "splash", "catch", "give a light", to help with advice, business, spare parts, first aid kit, a fire extinguisher.

You - murmanchanin if Russia is considered the main city of the capital of its polarity.

... I know how to distinguish between cod from capelin,

... Living by the sea, never bathed,

You - murmanchanin if you know that when the buds, then winter will come soon!

You murmanchanin if, choosing an apartment in another area to calculate, and if there is already hooked up the water after years of repair ...

You murmanchanin if to go wash in the Leninsky district Pervomaisky to you is normal. Especially when you consider that in a month "pervomaytsy" themselves to you descend!

You - you murmanchanin if you come out of the train with the crowd of tanned people on the platform and you are met by a crowd of pale.

If you meet May Day in a sheepskin coat or fur coat.

... If the first yellow flowers on the ground Chillmere you sweeter than the roses in the kiosk.

if at the end of the summer a bold move for mushrooms and berries, without fear that will have to go through the snowdrifts.

... If the white nights you do not interfere with sleep.

You Murmansk, if firmly know that the residents of St. Petersburg are mistaken, calling the federal highway M-18 "Murmankoy." Are you sure it is - "Leningradka» =)

If some points are not clear, then ask, I will explain)))


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