May Day around the world

Demonstrators around the world celebrated May Day protests and mass rallies, and some of them went into violent conflicts. This day has become an occasion for a wide series of events - from meetings for the rights of migrant workers and traditional rally on International Workers' Solidarity Day to call for a revival of communism and a celebration of spring. Collected here are photos of the workers, social and other groups marked the day.

1. Work with the inscription on the head "Stop outsourcing" during the march to the Presidential Palace at a rally in Jakarta. More than 15 thousand workers held rallies in Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia in honor of May Day, calling on the government to improve employment policy. (Supri / Reuters) 95,500,029

2. Working with banners at the rally Federation of Trade Unions of Korea near the parliament building in Seoul. At the rally gathered 50 thousand workers. The inscription on the banner reads: "Review of the trade union act." (Truth Leem / Reuters)

3. Protesters shout slogans during a rally in downtown Lisbon. In Portugal, tens of thousands of people staged a protest against austerity Evrosoyuza and International Monetary Fund. (Patricia De Melo Moriera / AFP / Getty Images)

4. Representatives of the Left Party douse with water from the hose during a May Day demonstration in Hamburg. (Thomas Peter / Reuters) 52,845,934

5. Indonesian workers go to the presidential palace in Jakarta. (Supr / Reuters)

6. Demonstrators with the Colombian flag at a demonstration on May 1 in Cali. (Jaime Saldarriaga / reuters)


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