May Day around the world

Demonstrators around the world celebrated May Day protests and mass rallies, and some of them went into violent conflicts. This day has become an occasion for a wide series of events - from meetings for the rights of migrant workers and traditional rally on International Workers' Solidarity Day to call for a revival of communism and a celebration of spring. Collected here are photos of the workers, social and other groups marked the day.

1. Work with the inscription on the head "Stop outsourcing" during the march to the Presidential Palace at a rally in Jakarta. More than 15 thousand workers held rallies in Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia in honor of May Day, calling on the government to improve employment policy. (Supri / Reuters) 95,500,029

2. Working with banners at the rally Federation of Trade Unions of Korea near the parliament building in Seoul. At the rally gathered 50 thousand workers. The inscription on the banner reads: "Review of the trade union act." (Truth Leem / Reuters)

3. Protesters shout slogans during a rally in downtown Lisbon. In Portugal, tens of thousands of people staged a protest against austerity Evrosoyuza and International Monetary Fund. (Patricia De Melo Moriera / AFP / Getty Images)

4. Representatives of the Left Party douse with water from the hose during a May Day demonstration in Hamburg. (Thomas Peter / Reuters) 52,845,934

5. Indonesian workers go to the presidential palace in Jakarta. (Supr / Reuters)

6. Demonstrators with the Colombian flag at a demonstration on May 1 in Cali. (Jaime Saldarriaga / reuters)

7. Running from tear gas at demonstrators protest in Bogota. (John Vizcaino / Reuters) 19,364,296

8. The demonstrators put each other on the background of the Iroquois machine with water cannon demonstrations in Bogota. (Guillermo Legaria / AFP / Getty Images)

9. The girl on the march in Los Angeles, where thousands of people came to the meeting about changing immigration reform. (Eric Thayer / Getty Images)

10. Demonstrators on the streets during a rally in Hamburg. In Germany, the International Day of working for 20 years accompanied by street demonstrations and clashes between skinheads, anti-fascist groups and the police. (Bodo Marks / AFP / Getty Images)

11. The demonstrators hit the glass entrance to the bank in Bogota. Riot police faced with students threw stones, Molotov cocktails and paint, and the beat of the glass. Colombian workers marched through the main streets of the country in the International Day of Solidarity of Workers. (Fernando Vergara / Associated Press)

12. Demonstrators in Los Angeles. (Thayer / Getty Images)

13.Kubintsy in the parade in honor of May Day at the Revolution Square in Havana. (Desmond Boylan / AFP / Getty Images)

14. Assault squad in front of the television office in Cali, suffered at the hands of protesters. (Jaime Saldarriaga / Reuters) 82,644,533

15. The demonstrators threw hand-made grenade at a rally in Cali, Colombia. (Luis Robayo / AFP / Getty Images)

16. The police are helping demonstrators wounded during clashes in Bogota. (Guillermo Legaria / AFP / Getty Images)

17. Young people at a rally in Tegucigalpa. The inscription on the t-shirt: "Life for freedom." (Edgard Garrido / Reuters) 93,250,839

18. Demonstrantka with union flag awaits the start of the march in Malaga, Spain. Spanish unions held their annual meetings throughout Spain, demanding equality, good wages and productive investment. (Jon Nazca / Reuters) 62,894,581

19. Merchant with a cart loaded with bottles of water on the background of a huge poster in the center of Istanbul. The inscription on the poster: "We congratulate all the workers from the first of May." (Murad Sezer / Reuters) 31,148,174

20. Maoist activists and their supporters arrived by bus at a rally in honor of the first day of May in Kathmandu. (Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters)

21. Police detained opposition supporter during a rally in St. Petersburg. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Russian cities MAY 1: someone supported the Kremlin, someone demanded the overthrow of the ruling tandem. However, anti-Kremlin significantly outnumbered government protesters mobilized by the "United Russia" and the trade unions. (Kirill Kudryavtsev / AFP / Getty Images)

22. Work is trying to stop the police, extinguishing burning tires during a rally in front of the presidential palace in Jakarta. (Enny Nuraheni / Reuters)

23. A police officer against a background flash from firecrackers during demonstrations in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. (Pawel Kopczynski / Reuters) 46,976,743

24. Shields riot police on the streets, where thousands of workers staged a protest in Manila. Thousands of workers and activists held a march through the streets of the Philippines in honor of May Day, demanding change its policy in relation to migrant workers, raise wages and reduce the prices of essential commodities. (Noel Celis / AFP / Getty Images)

25. An elderly woman with a red flag on May Day demonstration of the Communist Party in the city center. (Natalia Slipchuk / AFP / Getty Images)

26. A protester shouts slogans on the roof in Macau. About a thousand people joined a peaceful but noisy march to the Macau government office first of May. Was arrested only one protester, who declined to remove his van off the road, creating a traffic jam. (Antony Dickson / AFP / Getty Images)

27. A protester with a hammer and sickle in central Baghdad, where hundreds of Iraqis. (Ahmad Al-Rubaye / AFP / Getty Images)

28. A police officer against a background of protesting workers in front of the presidential palace in Jakarta. (Enny Nuraheni / Reuters)

29. The man who symbolizes imperialism at a rally for the rights of workers and immigrants in New York. The first of May - the traditional day for demonstrations. This tradition has gone since 2006. (Seth Wenig / Associated Press)

30. The Lebanese opposition shouted slogans against sectarian political system in Lebanon at a rally in Beirut. The inscription on the banner in Arabic: "The people want an end to the sectarian system in Lebanon." (Grace Kassab / Associated Press)

31. The demonstrators in Cairo, with the inscription on the palm of "Social equality". (Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters) 16,823,682

32. Supporters of the Bulgarian Socialist Party in the anti-government rally in Sofia. Hundreds of Bulgarians called for the government to resign because it was unable to cope with the economic crisis in the poorest country in the European Union. (Stoyan Nenov / Reuters) 38,925,528

33. The street repose at a rally on the International Day of the workers in Moscow. (Nikolay Korchekov / Reuters) 21,589,217

34. She welcomed the Russian Communists from the balcony of the red blanket on the traditional May Day rally in Moscow. In the former Soviet Union, the first of May is usually celebrated rights of the working class. Crowd with balloons and blue or red flags gathered in the Russian cities from Vladivostok to Moscow clearly sharpened meetings of the Soviet era, when May 1 was one of the favorite holidays of international socialism. (Dmitry Kostukov / AFP / Getty Images)

35. Supporters of the Russian opposition on the May Day rally in Moscow. (Dmitry Kostukov / AFP / Getty Images)

36. Left opposition rally in Kiev. (Sergei Chuzavkov / Associated Press)

37. A demonstrator CCOO organization with a pick at a rally in Malaga, Spain. (Jon Nazca / Reuters) 25,868,904

38. Protesters with placards chanting slogans at a rally in the center of Lisbon. (Patricia De Melo Moreira / AFP / Getty Images)

39. The Girl with the flag of the General Workers' Union on May Day rally in central Madrid. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets all over the world the first of May, in order to defend the rights of workers among serious economic problems. (Dani Pozo / AFP / Getty Images)

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