Funny pictures of animals Joanne Williams

Where not only had to happen in his life Joanne Williams - from Brazil and ending the Galapagos Islands and Africa - and often these trips she made funny pictures of animals.

Sleeping protein freely lay down on a bench in Florida, United States. And this is just one of many funny pictures of animals authorship wildlife photographer Joanne Williams.

"When you look at this photograph and zebra voloklyuya made in 2010 in Kenya, many thoughts come to mind - it is a pity that most of them are too obscene," laughs Joanne. But think for a moment of time, in which the symbiosis are birds and animals. Voloklyuy eats parasites living in your body zebra. He gets the food, and the zebra decides to use it to the issue of hygiene. Perfect interaction, is not it? »

She manages to capture some completely human traits in the animal world. "Very often I make photos completely spontaneous," says Joanne. "I just have not time to think whether interesting or that frame. But I always try to make my work to make the viewer smile. " In the photo - For green Tanagra admiring themselves in the mirror of the car in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2010.

It seems as if it has a sea lion on the face expression of the profound satisfaction of a loved one. The photo was taken in the Galapagos Islands in May 2011.

The handsome, just beautiful! Caracara ordinary admiring his own reflection in a puddle, Florida, USA, in May 2011.

Oh, what a familiar gesture! Among other things, is used in the same meaning since the times of the Roman Empire! Black-brown capuchin in the Pantanal, Brazil, in May 2011.

Photos Joanne appeared in many magazines, it is the winner of several competitions, and it even works were exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. The photo - a bat and brumgansiya fragrant in the Pantanal, Brazil, in 2010.

Rabbit owl curiously looking into the camera in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA, in May 2011.

Dogs, pounding bull on a ranch in Central Florida, 2010.

Green tree frog in the middle of a water lily, Central Florida, USA, 2010

A family of baboons, Lake Nakuru, Africa, in 2010.

Bill and coo-ara parrots in the Pantanal, Brazil, in 2010.

Grasshopper. Panama, 2010.

Interested parties camera Joanna lemurs, Madagascar.

Chameleon, Madagascar, May 2011.

Kaymaniha with calves in the Pantanal, Brazil, in May 2011.

Green tree frog on rose petals in Central Florida, USA, in May 2011.

Grasshopper in the flower, Central Florida

Green Tree Frog, Ecuador, 2010.

Black and white lemur hanging from a branch, Madagascar, May 2011.

Joanne Williams shows his camera for children, 2010.

Wildlife photographer Joanne Williams, 2010.


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