"Compelling argument": a short story of the unexpected outcome

Today Site publishes short fascinating story called "strong arguments". His reading gave us a lot of fun, and isolation was very surprised!

pistol he kept very confident. I was surprised at his own calm, when I found out why he appeared in my office.

- I do not want to die in the dark, - I said. - Who hired you

? - Maybe your enemy

? - I do not know their enemies. This is my wife?

- Absolutely. - He smiled. - And her motives are quite obvious

. - Yes. - I sighed. - I have the money, that she did not get away. Of course, everything.
He looked me over from head to toe.

- How old are you

? -. Fifty-three

- And your wife

? -. Twenty-two

He clicked his tongue.

- Mr. Williams, in such a situation it is difficult to rely on the constancy

. - After a couple of years, I was expecting a divorce. My wife went to a tidy sum.

- You underestimate her greed, Mr. Williams

. My eyes slid over the gun.

- I think you already had to kill people

? -. Yes

- And obviously, you feel like it

? - Yes, murder gives me pleasure

. I looked at him.

- You are here for more than two minutes, and I'm still alive

. - We have nowhere to hurry, Mr. Williams - he replied softly

. - This means that the moment of murder is not so important. The main thing for you - the prelude

. - You are very perceptive, Mr. Williams

. - And I'll stay alive as long as you do not get tired of my company

. - Of course, although we are limited by time

. - I understood. Do you want something to drink, Mr ...

- Smith. The name is easy to remember. Yes with pleasure. But stand up so that I could keep an eye on your hands.

- Do you think that I keep on hand poison

? - No, but nonetheless possible and such

. He watched as I filled two glasses, took his and sat down. I sat down on the couch.

- Where is my wife

? - Away, Mr. Williams. And a dozen people confirm under oath that she was innocent.

- I will kill the thief

? He put the glass down on the table between us.

- Yes. After your death, I'll wash the glass and store it in a bar. And before you leave, will erase all fingerprints.

- And you did not take with him a couple of trinkets? To confirm the version of robbery?

- It is not necessary, Mr. Williams. The police will come to the conclusion that by killing you, the thief was scared to death and left the house empty-handed.

- This painting on the east wall is worth thirty thousand dollars

. He looked at the picture, and then returned his gaze to me.

- You tempt me, Mr. Williams. But I do not want your death to contact me. I admire the works of art, especially I respect their material value, but not enough to get out of them in the electric chair. - He smiled. - Or do you want to offer me this painting in exchange for your life ?!

- That's what I thought about it

. He shook his head.

- I'm sorry, Mr. Williams. If I received the order, he must carry it out. It is a matter of professional honor.

I put the glass down on the table.

- Do you expect to see signs of fear in me, Mr. Smith

? - It's all in suspense, is not it, Mr. Williams? Fear and not addressed it to show.

- You're used to the fact that the victims beg you for mercy

? - Yes. Anyway.

- They appeal to your humanity? And it is useless?

-. Yes

- They offer you money

? - Very often

. - What also does not make sense

? - So it was until now, Mr. Williams

. - For this painting - wall safe, Mr. Smith

. He looked in the direction indicated.

- Yes

- In it five thousand dollars

. - It's a lot of money, Mr. Williams

. I took my glass and went to the wall. Opening the safe, I took out a brown envelope, finished his drink and put the glass inside, slammed the door.

Smith's eyes lingered on the envelope.

- Please bring him here

. I put the envelope on a table next to the glass.

- Are you looking to buy back his life

? I lit a cigarette.

- No. I understand that you are incorruptible.

- But why did you bring me those five thousand

? I emptied the contents of the envelope on the table.

- This old receipt. They do not represent any value to you.

On his cheeks made flush of irritation.

- Why all this farce

? - I got a chance to go to the safe and put it in your glass

. Smith's eyes darted to the glass, standing on the table.

- That's my glass

. I smiled.

- Your - in a safe, Mr. Smith. And the police, of course, ask about why there is an empty glass. And think of before having to remove fingerprints, it is not so difficult, especially in the investigation of the murder.

Smith turned pale.

- I never for a second did not take his eyes off you. You could not change the glasses.

- No? But as I recall, you were looking at a picture twice.

By reflex, he looked at her for a third time.

- I looked at her for no longer than one or two seconds

. - This is enough

. He pulled out his handkerchief and wiped his sweaty forehead.

- I'm sure that you could not change the glasses

. - Then, perhaps, you are very surprised by the visit of the detectives. And after a while you will have the opportunity to die in the electric chair. And you can enjoy plenty expectation of death.

He raised his gun.

- Interestingly, - I continued, - you die? Perhaps you imagine that peace will come to a chair and sit down with dignity on him? Hardly, Mr. Smith. You probably will drag him by force.

- Open the safe, or I'll kill you, - he growled

. I laughed.

- Stop it, Mr. Smith. We both know that you'll kill me if I opened the safe.

There was a long pause.

- What are you going to do with a glass

? - If you do not kill me, I'm more inclined to think that I'll take it in a private detective agency and ask to photograph fingerprints. Photos and a note explaining their appearance, I sealed it in an envelope. And leave instructions, according to which, in the case of my violent death, give the envelope to the police.

Smith took a deep breath.

- It's all too much. Now I'm gone, and you never let me see.

I shook my head.

- No. I prefer my plan. I would like to protect themselves in the future.

He thought about it.

- Why do not you want to go to the police

? - There are reasons

. Smith put his gun in his pocket, and then it dawned on him.

- Your wife will be able to hire another killer

. - Yes, it is possible

. - And to accuse me of your death. And I get the electric chair.

- Most likely it will. Unless ... - Smith looked me in the mouth. - If you only hire another killer she fails

. - But there are at least a dozen ... - he paused, and I smiled encouragingly

. - My wife told you where she went

? - To Peterson. She was going to go back to eleven.

- Eleven? It is the right time. Night now dark. Do you know where Peterson lived?

- No

. - In Bridzhhemptone - I gave him the address

. Smith slowly buttoned his coat.

- Where you at eleven o'clock, Mr. Williams

? - In his club. I would play cards with friends. Undoubtedly, they will truly comfort me, when I received the sad news that my wife ... shot?

- Everything will depend on the specific situation, - he smiled stiffly and left the office

. After the departure of Smith's I took a glass standing on the table, the detective agency and went to the club. Safe I did not even open. At the glass there were only my fingerprints.

Author Jack Ritchie

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