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The story takes place about a half century ago, when the world is in a different mystic, but the focus - focus. Robert and Alfred - old friends, illusionists, magicians career but makes do their competitors. They rip competitions, learn from each other's secrets, in general friends became enemies. Film for fans of non-trivial plot and interchanges and haters predictability.


Very brutal crime thriller about a psychopathic killer, to punish their victims for they commit mortal sins. Before starting the film in production, studio bosses strongly demanded little change scenario, namely - to rewrite the ending. It is not known in what form eventually went to the tape, do not tell me its say Brad Pitt: actor refused to participate in the project, if anyone dares to touch the ending.

Fight Club

Tormented by chronic insomnia and desperately trying to escape from the painfully boring life of a clerk meets Tyler Darden, a charismatic soap merchant with a perverted philosophy. In the end the film is waiting for all the shocking discovery that may lead to unpredictable events.

Angel Heart

Private detective Harry Angel gets from one mysterious aristocrat order to find the location of the shell-shocked during the war, a man does not fulfill the conditions of a long-standing deal. Promised good pay, and Harry agrees. However, a simple-looking thing farther, the more confused and cluttered with corpses.

Shutter Island

Two bailiffs are sent to one of the islands in the state of Massachusetts to investigate the disappearance of a patient hospital for the insane criminals. In conducting the investigation they will encounter a web of lies that struck a hurricane and a deadly riot slum clinic. We add only that the ending gives scope for imagination - is something to discuss with friends.


Dramatic horror Frank Darabont, snyavshego, among other things, "The Shawshank Redemption", based on the Stephen King novel and different from the text, perhaps the most important - the finale. Cards will not disclose, except to say that after watching the film, the writer was completely satisfied with his ending. And even said that it was this development and implied in the book.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

One day on Earth hung huge spaceships aliens and humans have announced that their home planet to be demolished, and in its place will be built elegant interstellar highway. There is something to laugh and have much to ponder. After all, every joke has some truth. And every truth there is some joke.


Two of the best graduate of the police academy were on opposite sides of the barricades, one of them - the agent mafia in the ranks of law enforcement, the other - "mole" is inserted in the mafia. Each is committed to find and destroy the enemy, but permanent life in distorted realities change the inner world of the characters.

Sixth Sense

The film is about the terrible fate that has to cope with a little boy of 9 years. What can a child at this age? That's right, one nothing. But when it comes to help a great specialist, a psychologist who does not consider him crazy, sick, others - the road becomes a boy not so thorny. He tells the doctor more than even his own mother and trusts him. When watching a movie distract from what you will find "unexpected end." This is not the point. The main thing is what happens to the characters, their feelings and developments.

The Life of David Gale

Respectable intellectual, an outspoken opponent of the death penalty, in a bitter twist of fate is on death row for the murder of his colleague. Smart drama that justice can fatally wrong, and some people in the struggle for the idea of ​​easily pass all bounds.

The best offer

Like most adventure thrillers, "best offer" is quite standard and straightforward narrative structure. And the audience, not really straining gyrus immediately be able to understand what is the essence. But the "best offer", in contrast to the other films of this genre, a bit different and that his ruse as a director deftly invisible threads of the plot confusing, misleading everyone around you.

Law Abiding Citizen

District Attorney went to deal with criminals and freed them from prison. Then a man whose wife and child were killed by assassins, the prosecutor decides to take revenge, to do justice on their own. He is caught and put in jail, but he suddenly makes an ultimatum: he would kill without leaving behind bars if its demands are not met. Funny statement, but soon people really begin to die.

Mind Games

From the world famous to the depths of sin - all learned the hard way John Forbes Nash, Jr.. Mathematical genius, he was early in his career did a herculean job in the field of game theory, which has turned this branch of mathematics and almost brought him international fame. However, just at the same time arrogant and popular among women Nash gets a stroke of bad luck that turns already his own life.


"Other" - one of the most interesting films of this genre. These paintings really small: there is no lust, raschelenenki and other signs of action. It draws the viewer quite different, namely a magnificent scenario isolation which is amazing. The scenery and the acting erase the illusion that you're watching a movie, it seems that you are together with the main characters, trying to "reach out" to the truth.


In the original movie name translates as "The Usual Suspects" that much more accurately reflects the essence of the event. After the attack, some bad guys on the boat, where the bad guys are going to others, survived only one. Now he is - the only lead investigator, eager to find a customer of the event, mythical villain named Kaiser Souza. For those who have not watched - a great opportunity to play detective.

Loop time

Extremely intricate futuristic thriller about the future, in which some gangsters have learned in the past to send unwanted persons. Like all movies based on time travel, this has its fragile logic, in which, however, it is better not to ponder - just watch and have fun.


Leonard Shelby elegant and expensively dressed, rides on the new "Jaguar", but living in cheap motels. His goal in life - to find the killer of his wife. His problem - a rare form of amnesia, loss of short-term memory: remembering all before the murder, he does not remember what it was fifteen minutes ago. His companions - the camera "Polaroid" and tattoos on his body.


Dynamic and unexpected plot twists, combined with a distinctive atmosphere make it the quality of the film and exciting thriller. The denouement of the film is in principle possible to predict in advance, but this does not become less interesting to watch her. In addition, the ways in which the director takes us to the end of "Games", sometimes very, very unusual.

Lucky Number Slevin

Slevin no luck. The house is sealed, the girl went to another ... His friend Nick leaves New York and offers Slevin live in an empty apartment. At this time, a major crime boss nicknamed Boss wants to settle with its former partner for the murder of his son Rabbi and in retaliation to "order" of his heir.

Deja vu

It's nice when the title of the film coincides with its basic meaning, and no transfer did not spoil. It seems that humanity is still moving forward, and the director, and screenwriter everything carefully and think carefully about the reality of "game over time" and "fly in the future and the past." In short, a good action with elements closer and closer to approaching reality fiction.

Vanilla Sky

Surprising sometimes life treats a man - all the usual day begins and ends in the bag with ice, while the mind enjoys vanilla sky over your head. Did he expect such a fate? It is true that things can change at any moment due to the fault of some trifles.

Secret Window

"Johnny Depp", "based on the novel by Stephen King" - key words that should make you see "Secret Window", putting all the important and unimportant things for later.

Skeleton Key

Imagine that you have the key that opens all doors. It would seem that there are more possibilities. But do not fear if you go into every door?


If you like calm, measured, easy movie - then "Start" is not for you, but if you are a true lover of a good movie, if you like to reflect on the story and want 2, 5:00 to hold a nagging tension, and after watching the film even as at least half an hour to be prostrate and excited, then you should definitely watch it.

Moon 2112

Sam's contract comes to an end: he spent three years on the moon, watching the automated station for the extraction of rare gas. Three long years in solitude, except for talking robot Hertha can change any. Two weeks before returning to earth, Sam meets his mate. Of course, it's not all movies with an unexpected ending. Share your favorite films in the comments and we'll make a sequel.

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