10 books, after which urgently want to live

When January begins to flow smoothly in February, and it seems that winter is endless and hopeless, I want only one thing: to hibernate and do not crawl out of it until the summer. But there are ways to wake up and bring yourself back to life - for example, to read some good and bright history.

Website know at least a dozen such stories.

Gerald Durrell 'My Family and Other Animals "This sparkling solar story - the first part of the trilogy of the famous writer and naturalist Gerald Durrell's childhood, spent on the Greek island of Corfu. Mentally and witty, he tells about the amazing animals and their funny habits. Reading the book, one realizes again how beautiful the world around.

Abdel Cellou "You changed my life," The True Story of the main characters of the French film "The Untouchables" ("1 + 1"). The story of the friendship of two remarkable people whose paths never would have cross - paralyzed French aristocrat and an unemployed Algerian immigrant. But they met. And their lives have changed.

Eleanor Porter "Pollyanna" Is it easy to see only the bright side of life? Probably still there: for we are all adults, burdened with a bunch of problems and we know that good does not happen much. But if you make the joy of the game, and then the principle of life, we may be able to take another look at reality? History Pollyanna - a real energizer.

Ken Kesey's "Song of the sailor" Ken Kesey long prepared to sing this song, for many years the writer gave birth to silence her - a song about Alaska, harsh region, about ordinary people, about the sea. The song, which is so furious sarcasm, caustic humor, which sounds so angry and seems to the listener down to the bottom of life, and then to raise it to the light and charge the sincere desire to live neubivaemaya.

Narine Abgaryan "Manyunya" "Manyunya" - bright, sun-drenched and smells of the southern market and stunningly funny tale about childhood, about the two girls girlfriends Nara and Manyunya, a formidable and good Ba - grandmother Manyunya, and pile their relatives, constantly falling in kazusnye situation. This is the warmest, mischievous and full of fun adventures of childhood, which makes a person happy for a lifetime.

Ray Bradbury "Ice and Flame" The extreme conditions on the planet led to the fact that people have to grow up and grow old in just 8 days. During this time, they need to learn, to get married, leave offspring. They manage to fight, jealous, envious - if they released dozens of years ... short story, which teaches that even a small amount of time you can catch a lot - or not catch anything, even if we do not try.

Danny Wallace, "Yes Man" Danny Wallace refuses all. Refused to friends and colleagues, he refused to go out in the evening, saying "no" to himself. And his life was boring. Abandoned by his beloved, he stood on a road that led nowhere. And only when a mysterious man with whom he once went to a night bus, said three magic words, his life began to change ...

Fannie Flagg "Standing in the Rainbow" Imagine that you are in a tiny town, and suddenly realize that you know all its inhabitants, every family better than anyone else was. You watch their lives - ordinary, everyday, and you become warm. They say it is difficult to see the good things: for this we consider naive and short-sighted. But Fannie Flagg - one of those who is able to show that life is a lot better than it is accepted to think about.

Pelham G. Wodehouse "Woosters» Books Pelham Wodehouse - a godsend for anyone looking for an easy, unhindered reading endless source of positivity and joy. History of Jeeves and Wooster all that commotion that surrounds them, filled with sparkling humor and is able to cheer up from zero to plus infinity.

Terry Pratchett, "People, or once we were dolphins" Even if you're familiar with Sir Terence Pratchett, with its bright and cheerful worlds, in this book, he will be able to surprise you. It is serious, deeper, despite the fact that focused on adolescents. Very gentle, very poignant story about growing up and that each of us needs to believe in something.

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