A delightful cry from the heart, when it became clear that there are bad everything

meat is impossible. It inject all sorts of hormones to increase the weight, but why should I hormones for weight gain?

The fish is also impossible. It accumulates. I do not know that, but it accumulates. Even in her inject hormones to increase fertility. And I have nowhere to go, and his. Why do I still fish?

Tomatoes can not - they nightshade. I do not know why, but all say that bad. Eggplants and peppers, too. Fruits and berries can not - they are sugar and diabetes. Especially in the evening you can not. During the night the whole evening turns sugar in the ass. Why do I still pop, I have something and own.

Potatoes can not - there is starch. In rice, too. Pasta is also impossible - there is starch and gluten. A gluten - is the future sugar which is a future priest.

Oil can not be - either olive or butter, or sunflower. This fat. A cream - and even cholesterol. Bread can not, there's yeast. Beer too. I do not know why, but it is impossible that the yeast inside you wandered. Eggs - fat and cholesterol.

Milk - fat and hormones for weight gain, which was injected into a cow. In general it is intended to ensure that the calf is rapidly gaining weight and becoming a cow. I do not want a cow.

Juices should not be - it's the same thing as fruits and berries, but no useful fiber.

The cabbage - and normal, and color, and broccoli - substances that prevent the absorption of iodine. And urban residents and so go nuts with the thyroid gland. Poor thyroid gives fat ass.

Cabbage is impossible. The spinach - oxalic acid, which harms the kidneys. Poor Kidney - edema - excess weight. No, no, no, no spinach.

Cucumbers! I would eat cucumbers. About cucumber I do not know anything bad.

Author: Alina Farkas, timbuktoo

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