How to recognize a heart attack a month before, as it happens

Do you know what is the main cause of early death in the modern world? It is a heart attack. Busy lifestyle, the habit of eating junk food, lack of sleep chronic ... We ourselves are making a great contribution to the development of the disease, which every year becomes more and more dangerous.

We will not be here to speak about the need to live a healthy lifestyle or less nervous. Website only tells about the symptoms that can warn you of impending trouble at least one month. Find out what symptoms should be seen as disturbing!

1. Fatigue

When arteries are narrowed, your heart starts to get much less blood than it was before. This complicates the work of the circulatory system. And the first sign of these problems - the eternal drowsiness and a feeling of absolute exhaustion.

2. inconsistent dyhanieEsli your heart is not getting enough blood, it means that your lungs are not able to get as much oxygen as they are accustomed to receiving.

These two systems are heavily dependent on each other. One can not work properly without the other. So if you often have problems with even breathing, better consult a doctor - and as quickly as possible.

3. SlabostEsli you feel weak all over, it means that your arteries too little blood. Your muscles do not get the proper amounts of oxygen and nutrients. So if you often without apparent reason happen presyncopal state, it is in itself quite an alarming sign of problems with the cardiovascular system.

4. Dizziness and cold potNedostatok blood flow to the brain is very dangerous to life. If you feel that your body is often covered with sticky cold then, and do you often experiencing dizziness, then you simply can not afford to ignore these symptoms.

5. Pressure grudiEsli you experience symptoms of excessive pressure in the chest, discomfort in this area, it is very, very bad. These symptoms may eventually begin to occur more frequently, and their experience will be increasingly difficult. Will you ignore them - you can easily meet with a heart attack face to face.

6. "Frosty" sindromEsli you periodically completely out of nowhere flu symptoms appear, it may be indicative of an impending heart attack. Many people after the attack said that a few days before it, they experienced unexplained attacks "cold", their "frostĀ».

How to cope with all etimEsli you feel that you have experienced these symptoms personally experienced or someone close to you, seek immediate medical attention. The best way to prevent a heart attack - to identify the symptoms at an early stage and start preventive treatment.



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