What if you were one on one with a heart attack? It is necessary to know everything!

Heart attack - a common phenomenon in our time. Sometimes it is not just older people, as is commonly believed. Life is in constant stress gives his, and no one is safe from this dangerous event. We are taught a lot of things that will never be useful, but what to do when life is at stake, few people know. Read carefully this information, it can save you and your family at a crucial moment. The heart does not tolerate improper handling!

Heart attack can be found on the part of downed heartbeat and state close to fainting. Pain in the heart and the sternum, pressing and burning, as well as sweating characteristic of a pathological condition. A person with these symptoms have only 10 seconds to help themselves! What to do:

1. Start coughing. to cough and breathe deeply the air as much as possible. The cough must be repeated every 2 seconds. This will cause the heart to contract, blood will circulate, deep breaths will satiate the lungs with oxygen. Cough provide you extra time to call an ambulance, remember that!

2. Sit in a chair with armrests or lie down so that his head was on a hill. Free the neck of the garment.

3. Take 0 25 g of aspirin (tablets to chew, swallow) and 0, 5 mg nitroglycerin. Aspirin prevents blocking of the arteries and lowers blood pressure nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin should drink only one tablet, so as not to aggravate the condition. Tablets zapey glass of water. It is not recommended to drink other heart medications: they may contain caffeine, which in this state is contraindicated.

4. Emergency call. need to call an ambulance quickly - if you feel faint approximation, do it before drinking the medicine. Clearly Spell address and name, say that you - a heart attack. Important: no panic, everything is done calmly and decisively, because it affects your life! Excitement and anxiety your heart could simply not move.

5. Deep breathe. This will help you remain calm! Uniform breaths useful in any nervous tension.

6. When the doctors arrive, show them what medicines you are drunk. It is always best to keep a prominent place medical records, especially if heart problems you already have.

7. In no case do not get up, do not go, do not eat or smoke before the arrival of doctors, even if the condition has stabilized!

Keep the house heart medications - aspirin and nitroglycerin have to be in the medicine cabinet. Engage in moderate physical activity. Sleep enough time. And most importantly, stop nervous over nothing! The more relaxed you'll be, the less health problems you face.

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