15 tips for gardeners. Let your site all the neighbors jealous.

Spring is increasingly seizes power. Personally, I have the window everything is green, flowers and smells. This means that the coming season villas, gardens and other agricultural pleasures. Today editorial team Takprosto.cc prepared tips to help make your garden unique without spending a lot of money and effort. Perform these tips, and your garden will be buzzing bees, singing birds and people talking.

1. Make a special barrel to collect rainwater and use it for watering plants.

2. Kill the weeds own non-toxic agent which is composed of 4 liters of vinegar, 250 grams of table salt and 1 tbsp. l. dishwashing detergent. They sprayed the weeds on a hot day.

3. Use eggshells for growing seedlings and fertilizers of ground (crushed shell scatters on site).

4. To keep moisture in the pot with the plant can be used diapers.

5. Various animal proteins like, dislike the smell of the soap. And with a soap solution can be to deal with aphids.

6. Tea bags in fertilizers add nutrients.

7. zest of citrus will help get rid of aphids and mosquitoes.

8. Sprinkle the plant coffee grounds, shalt thou them from birds and squirrels. Furthermore, thick gives additional nutrients seedlings.

9. Plastic plugs can protect the garden from animals.

10. Make a small greenhouse for seedlings.

11 denotes a plant pretty stones.

12. Sprinkle with bitter land or epsomskoy salt. This will make the plant more bushy and flowering.

13. Use the potatoes to grow roses from cuttings.

14. Make a small garden on the balcony of the wooden box.

15. irrigated plants using plastic bottles with holes.

With these tips will help your garden in the neighborhood. You will certainly be asking secrets, so it is better to share them with your neighbors in the area.

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