Taste for which is to die

Here it is, bar-dream of any average American. However, the name had a strange - "Heart Attack". The bar hung posters everywhere that fat and cholesterol-rich foods leads to a heart attack, served by waitresses dressed in nurses, and owner of the restaurant dressed up in the doctor, as if recalling what threatens the excessive use of its products. But at the same time, the restaurant serves delicious burgers at the lowest prices.

1. The waitress Mary Brasda with "quadratic burger" bar "Heart Attack" in Chandler, Arizona. Restaurant is known for its "hospital" theme and three- and four-burgers. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

2. Here in this here burger (which right) - 10,000 calories a world record. Over the past year, at least two bar patrons suffered later heart problems. And recently in the branch restaurant in Las Vegas, one lady was eating a burger here, richly smoked and drink it all Margarita. As a result, she was found unconscious on the floor of the bar and taken to hospital. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

3. The restaurant owner Jon Basso, one of cheeseburgers. Basso warns all visitors of the dangers of eating his food - just look at the posters. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

4. Elisha Greenlee waitress puts the visitor into a hospital gown. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

5. Bracelets advertising bar. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

6. Steve Trumbull try the famous triple burger. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

7. The waitress Gigi Gilbert quaternary burger. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

8. Regular photographed with a waitress at the memory. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

9. Regular visitors. Funny inscription at the top: "Taste for which to die." (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

10. Orders. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

11. On the wall - the monitor tells you how many calories were "filed" today. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

12. Frank Wojtasik (left) and Julian Moreno with portions of burgers and unchanged Coke. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

13. And at the entrance - ATM. So, just in case. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

14. "Simple, single" cheeseburger. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

15. One step closer to the risk of getting a heart attack. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

16. Here is the cause of all ills. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

17. It seems that Steve Trumbull impressed. (Reuters / Johsua Lott)

18. On the wall - posters with prices. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

19. Double cheeseburger waiting for their clients. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

20. Mary Brasda preparing burgers. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

21. Patrons bar "heart attack." (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

22. Standing order - burger and cola. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

23. Owner John Basso quaternary cheeseburger. (Reuters / Johsua Lott)

24. Oh, and after a hearty lunch waitress personally take you to the parking lot in a wheelchair. On the house. (Reuters / Joshua Lott)

Source: bigpicture.ru


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