Dangerous female habit: 24 sign that you are already on the verge

A woman has one dangerous habit. In terms of energy to give "the last shirt" and be left with nothing. And not always it is caused by the need to help someone. Sometimes we give the last one to whom this does not particularly need to be good, hoping to receive love, and sometimes just stupidity. Just didn't notice how it happened.

Often the process of giving such enthusiastic, she's "the wave", it is easy to give. And then she like falls sharply down, it settles to the ground. Call it what you like, but energy is no more. For anyone.

And here it is empty, exhausted, almost naked, defenseless. It is unclear where to go, and there will be enough power even somewhere to run. Whether some kind of hotline to call, they say, brought female power, fill it up, please! Whether the socket some sort of find little to charge the battery. Just like to know where this outlet.

We understand he's devastated, too late, much later than I should. When the last of his strength already spent, and no new. And in this case it would be useful to have some criteria, red bulbs, which would light up, warning about the imminent devastation. That would be more convenient if the women, like cars, began flashing light, when the power end. Then we would have time to recharge and be filled, without compromising health and others. But we are arranged differently.

Usually we leave entirely, sometimes go to minus and only then realize that it was necessary to rest and recharge. And like these vehicles, "get up" at the most inopportune moment in the middle of the road and thereby interfere with other, creating a tube and collecting the curse — really could not get gas? Besides being destroyed and our plans, where we do not have time and spend a lot of time in vain, waiting for help and restoring its own health.

It is much easier and faster it would be time to fill fuel. The key word is time. To understand that fuel is coming to an end – and to refuel.


As a result, we spend far more effort and nerves on their own recovery. It's a terrible habit to burn their "fuel" to the last drop, not caring about tomorrow and even today. Not caring about loved ones, because our energy is their "food." We their energy filled the house, her favorite people to invest. Not caring about herself, forgetting all about himself, putting himself in the back of the line suffering. But how those victims make and how to help them, if you have no strength? Is it possible to recognize that your strength? Yes, if you teach yourself to hear and understand. Yes, if you monitor their condition. Yes, if you live in the "manual" mode and not on autopilot.


There are many different signs that it is nearing an emotional pit. Will tell the most frequent.


So, you need to fill your tank if:

1. You annoy other people. No matter family or stranger, maybe you just see random social media sharing from strangers and even they annoy you, what can we say about loved ones.

2. Do you have trouble sleeping at night because of the different thoughts, can't sleep (and inability to fully relax the night even more devastating you). Insomnia is always a symptom of exhaustion.

3. You don't look well. Our emotional state and fullness is read in the eyes. If he went out — so it's time to refuel.

4. You are too little to eat or even forget to eat. Once you not got better things to do, no appetite. So go with an empty tank and empty stomach.

5. You eat too much, not seeing what got you in his mouth, feeling the taste of your food. Dangerous sign, moreover, which leads to excessive weight and eating disorders.

6. Do you have problems with cooking food — it is tasteless or does not work at all. To cook, no desire, mood. This usually indicates that you need to fill as soon as possible.

7. At home dying plants. You can do everything, and they did not want to grow and live. This usually happens to women who are with yourself and your feminine essence is not in trouble. And it's a symptom that it's time to deal with them.

8. You have no desire really to do with husband love. Here I just don't. And any hints, touch — you are annoying. This may not be a symptom, if you have a small need for sex, or you and your husband adhere to abstinence. But normally if such desire happens, and then suddenly again — and for a long time it is not is bell. But force itself is not necessary. First, it is necessary to refuel.

9. You are sick. Sometimes it's the only way our body to reach out to us and beg for a break. Forced to lay you in bed and get rest. Therefore, any illness — headache, runny nose, skin problems is to always call on that on a need urgently to take care of.

10. You all are too lazy. When you do not want to wash the dishes, clean and even take a shower is a sign of serious fatigue. Especially if you have something I want, but I can't bring myself to do it — so you need proper rest, not just to sit.

11. Depressive and pessimistic thoughts. Notice in his mind such an attitude? Urgently-urgently-urgently, begin to fill yourself with energy, until all these thoughts had not materialized.

12. You can't Wake up in the morning and constantly want to sleep. This signal of overwork, exhaustion and hearts, and fuel tank.

13. You snap at loved ones. If you suddenly shout at her husband, children, parents — there is clearly something wrong, and for a long time. And friends do with it. You just disconnected, and suffer from it all.

14. You don't want to chat with anyone. Women love to communicate. Of course, some only with their friends, and some with everyone. But if a woman does not want to talk at all, and it lasts more than a couple hours — most likely, something is wrong.

15. You don't want to care for themselves. When you are too lazy to comb your hair or change my stained t-shirt, don't like to overdress when you haven't brought in the shape of an eyebrow and not applied the cream, it's a symptom of exhaustion in dangerous phase.

16. You spend the money on others. Gave you a salary or husband was given a bunch of money, you went to the store. What did you buy? Daughter's dress, son's Legos, my husband's shirt, curtain, home, food, rent... And the money ran out! And yourself? Nothing. Did not like it, money is not captured, there was no time. Dangerous symptom!

17. You do not want to. In the store you do not touch for himself — no dresses, no shoes, no clip, no books. You ask what to get you, and you don't know what to want. Caution! Dangerous condition!

18. You don't like yourself. On this body doesn't want to buy anything, such a person does not want to paint and the hair do not want to braid it. Look in the mirror do not want, and especially to be photographed. An alarming sign! Yes, maybe you have to go in their appearance, but if it causes such feelings, it is an occasion to reflect on the fullness.

19. The increased anxiety. Feel undue panic and the desire to control everything, no matter what it concerned? Chest anxiety, fear, jitters and can not do anything? So devastated and no inside force that can help you and your family, protecting them.

20. Comfortable clothes. Choose clothes according to the principle of "like" and comfortable that you can and whitewash the ceiling, and run over the dog and floor wash, and hand on the hem to wipe, and that stain was not a pity? I think you took a wrong turn...

21. Too fast paced. Feel why not live and run a job in a kindergarten, for the tram? And even in the bath go almost like in the army — to do 60 seconds all? So, it's time to slow down and relax.

22. Too much "need" in your head? We need this and that, must do this and that, obliged here and there... Beware, it's a sign that you do not go wrong.

23. All by herself. As soon as you have a desire to make the most of all, because nobody will do fine, once you start to think about how sorry you just one, would be better if you had at least two or ten, as soon as you stop asking for help and to trust you very quickly burn all the accumulated. Therefore, it is also a dangerous signal, and a harbinger of. Wanted to do it myself? Be ready to rapidly fill myself too myself. For you that's for sure no one will do.

24. Discussion and condemnation. I caught myself on the fact that someone washed the bones? Discussed the government, neighbors and stars, condemned all, who is wrong? Consider that in one fell swoop burned all their strength. At this point, you may even be good and fun, and after coming full devastation.


Saw myself in some of the items? Immediately to the gas station. Urgently give yourself the opportunity to soak in the bath without feeling guilty, find the opportunity to walk in nature, and better alone, read a book, watch a movie.


Do something nice and useless in the General sense – because actually this is the most useful. And if you want it most useful to ignore in favor of more socially acceptable — expect trouble.

Often girls who lived several years it is not clear how, without any fuel in the "should-ought-must", working from morning to night seven days a week, I think that all of this stress can be offset two weeks of vacation. Year ruin yourself and your health excessive workloads, and then two weeks on the beach and as good as new. But it doesn't work.

I know many cases of women dismissed from such exhaust, all power seats and ... a Year or two or three didn't do anything. At all. Slept, ate, even at home too lazy to do something. Complete degradation? No. A symptom of the fact that they have overdrawn their own strength in the next few years. And the body needs rest in such categorical terms. If it is to give and not to feel guilt over time, forces will appear again. Unless, of course, to fill ourselves, to protect, to cherish. But it is better to avoid such situations.


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Do not wait the complete stop of the engine and all systems! As with the machine, constantly engaged and take care of yourself. And follow the restless bells, watch for the signs of its devastation. Remember, when you care about yourself, you care about your loved ones! This is especially true for moms who have used themselves to throw away for many years and hope to be able in this way to make someone happy.

I found at least one sign? Take a right now. But if the symptom is not one? Set aside all at once. And get yourself an ambulance.published

Chapter from the book "healing the feminine soul"


Author: Olga Valyaeva


Source: www.valyaeva.ru/24-priznaka-chto-ty-uzhe-na-grani/


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