This simple technique for eyes is an excellent prevention of glaucoma and cataracts

Eye massage perfectly restores vision, can be used for the prevention of glaucoma and cataracts, increases blood circulation, improves the metabolism in tissues of the eye and surrounding tissue, strengthens the muscles of the eye.

When the eye massage and exercises you will meet with recommendations for point massage, so you need to know how to find corresponding points and work on them properly. Find these points with your finger using sliding motions, trying to do it with the greatest accuracy. They are usually located in cavities, dissolves easily with your finger.

Before the massage, okay RUB your palm on a palm. It will revive the blood circulation in the hands and warm them.

Points become sensitive when disease of the organs they correspond to. Acupressure produced by pressing with your thumb or forefinger. Do not put your fingers vertically under pressure with the pad, without rubbing movement, but the direction of the pressure should be strictly vertical.

You should avoid exposure to neighboring areas where there may be other points that cannot be touched at the moment.

Duration of exposure to point — 9 revolutions clockwise and 9 revolutions counterclockwise.

Now directly massage the eye.

Remember! While performing all massage techniques, not to hurt the eyeballs and not to put pressure on them.

1. Three fingers of both hands (index, middle and ring) in a circular motion RUB the forehead along the entire height from the nose to the temples, then stroking. Repeat the movement 2-3 times.

2. Three fingers of both hands presses on the eyebrows from the nose to the temples. Repeat 3-5 times. Stop on the highest part of the eyebrow and massage this point. Is it painful? This eye point. The skin does not move, but only to press the eyebrows to the bone!

3. The thumbs and forefingers grab the eyebrows and pulling them slightly compressed between the fingers, and then let go. Start moving around the nose and continue up to the temples. Repeat 3-5 times.

4. Massage whisky circular motions with two fingers (index and middle) to one side or the other for 9 times.

5. Three fingers of both hands pressing movements follow the upper edge of the cheekbone from the nose to the temples 3-5 times. The pressure necessary to produce from the bottom up.

6. The same is done with the lower edge of cheekbones, directing traffic from her temples to the bridge of the nose.

7. Middle fingers to press on the lateral surface of the cheekbones from the inside. Repeat 5-6 times.

8. Massage point at the inner edge of the eye (near the nose) in a circular motion 7-9 times in both directions.

9. Three fingers on top and thumb gently grab eyeballs and make vibrating movements. Repeat 3-5 times.

10. To massage the holes at the trestle ears 9 times in one and 9 times in the other direction.

11. The fork of the index and middle fingers of both hands, RUB well in front of and behind the ears (the index fingers behind the ears and middle front of the ears).

12. Thoroughly mash earlobes thumb and forefinger, and then RUB well the region of the ears from top to bottom.

13. Index finger RUB the top curls of the ears.

14. Forefinger vibrating movement massage the ear canal.

15. Thumb and forefinger RUB the inner surface of the ear below the ear canal. Index finger rubs on the inside, your thumb supports the ear from outside and also helps the rubbing.


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16. Pull the ears down then up several times and close the shell ears ear canal.

17. Three fingers reciprocating up and down motion RUB the ear.

18. Massage in a circular motion (9 times in one direction and 9 times in another) a point located on the dorsum of the hand between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones of the thumb and forefinger. Thumb massaging the point on the back side, and the index — on the palm side (point symmetric).published

From the book "Be sighted without your glasses!" Mukhina M. V.




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