7 ways that pets enhance life companion

What can give us our smaller brothers in exchange for the care and love? Companion animal - it is a pet that does not keep people from considerations of practical utility (such as cattle or chain dogs), and - for fun. Dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters - all these "companions" of man brightened his gray days. The use of the content of these animals is not obvious, but it's there, and - science and proven. So you need your pet because:

1. companion animals enhance self-esteem chelovekaIssledovanie published in the Journal of personality and social psychology shows that pet owners have a higher self-esteem, are more open and less shy than people who do not have dogs and cats.

2. Reduce the likelihood of allergiiVopreki to popular belief, a pet in the house does not make you more prone to allergies.

It has long been proved that the acquisition of a pet at an early age may subsequently reduce the risk of allergies to animals. Young people, from childhood with pets, the probability of occurrence in older age allergy to animals was 50% lower than those who grew up in a very human company.

3. To get rid of negative emotsiyMysli a best friend or favorite pet can help you cope with negative emotions and overcome stress.

During a study conducted on 97 pet owners, participants were unwittingly subjected to negative social impacts. Then they were asked to write a story about your best friend, your pet, or draw a map of the city (the control group).

Participants wrote about pets or best friend showed rapid alignment of emotional background, while the control group continued to exude negativity.

4. get rid of the feeling of self-esteem odinochestvaKrome pets can help get rid of feelings of loneliness.

Dog owners say that their social needs are met in the same way as the communication intercourse with animals, and socializing with friends. Dogs help them feel needed, increases self-esteem and give meaning to life.

However, contrary to the stereotype, with a shortage of human communication pet owners do not go to chat with some pets: a mentally healthy person is inclined to supplement communication with people socializing with the animals, and not replace them.

5. Maintain your physical formuDeystvitelno hard all day to sit on the couch and watching TV, when your dog or cat need attention. Perhaps that is why pet owners are healthier and active than those without pets.

You play with the cat in the apartment, or walking a dog on the street - at the time you like it or not, more physically active than sitting at the computer or watching television. But, of course, the owners of the dog moves more than owners of other animals, have a positive impact on their health and mood.

6. Protect from stressaZoolog Arden Moore says that the simple stroking a dog or cat is able to relax you and reduce stress (which is not surprising, since we are talking about stroking something soft, warm, sometimes fluffy and always nice).

Impressive study to show that pets can reassure us even more than friends and spouses. Their unconditional love and the fact that they never let us denounce, do companion animals useful in difficult situations.

7. Adjust blood davlenieNaibolee impressive point. Drugs such as ACE inhibitors, can lower blood pressure, but they are not effective in controlling the pressure increased due to stress and nervous strain.

The best thing you can do is to take a pet from a local animal shelter. Abandoned in the street animals usually die from hunger, cold, or under the wheels of cars. Employees selected animal shelters unfortunate animals are treated and make it all the necessary vaccinations, and only then offer to take them home, so you can be sure that the pet you choose, do not bring your family is no problem. If you have been going to do it - today the best day to call the shelter.

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