7 reasons to have a pet

Children tortured asking to buy a dog or even a rabbit, in the stairwell of the third day sets a poor stray kitten, and her grandma all day the remaining one while you work, complains of loneliness... the idea to have a pet for each of us lead different circumstances.

Furry (or not furry) addition to your family, of course, will require attention and devotion, care and maintenance costs, as well as, quite possibly, lifestyle changes. Many of the frightening changes of this kind, but in fact it's a small price for the benefits that you get by having a pet. And if you are thinking whether you should acquire a pet, we'll show you the reasons why this is desirable (and even necessary) to do so.

1. Getting rid of stress

Long known that stress affects our mental state and physical well-being. Unfortunately, the world around us becomes more and more tense and unnerving. There are different ways to reduce stress and one of the best is to keep an animal in the house. Pets provide us with no less support than the closest friends. Judge for yourself: a cat or dog is always available for communication, not afraid of him a Wake-up call in the middle of the night, and he can tell anything without fear of condemnation.

A pet will help you to unload after a hard day, let off some steam and feel more relaxed. Moreover, when you are under stress, there is nothing that instantly draws your attention and won't distract you from negative experiences, like a pair of loving eyes and a persistent demand concerns from smaller brothers. Pets must be obihozheny, fed, caressed, and there is no time to hide in a corner and give themselves up to bitter thoughts: you have better things to do.

2. Constant communication and loves

People, even the most expensive is not always there when you need them. They have their own lives and their deeds, experiences and problems. But Pets are constantly around you – they radiate love and gratitude, and happy to be near you. You can be with them yourself. Can dance jump on the bed, telling them silly things and invent silly games. No one will condemn you for it. The pet will not love you less due to the fact that you are not perfect in your personal life or you don't have enough high-paying job.

Unconditional love – the guaranteed freedom from stress and heavy thoughts, constant communion with a loving creature shown to improve health. Studies have shown it strengthens the immune system, positive effect on the heart, diminishes physical pain and improves mental state.

A friend who is sick with lupus, he swears the cat, which he made after he learned about his diagnosis, for 21 years he was actually a guardian angel: and the patient experienced very severe pain, he was not so much the purely physiological problems, and most importantly – a beautiful state of mind, which in itself helps to get rid of ailments. And despite the fact that the cat already died, people still said that the love of this animal helps him stay strong and healthy.

3. Entertainment

Pets are a constant source of entertainment. Next to you lives a person, who have their habits and quirks and their antics makes you laugh. Owners of dogs, cats and birds insist that their favorites – the bright and original personality, and this opinion for any of us not surprisingly. But many people, including for example, snakes argue that reptiles in terms of character no less unique, that they are happy when their owners enter a room and "hug" them and even take them a bath together. The nicest thing about Pets is that they are well distract us from the issues and provide reasons for healthy laughter. Since Pets do not get bored!

4. Responsibility

Regardless of whether you make a cat, a parrot or a hedgehog, you need to take care of him. Responsibility for dependent living being will help you more seriously to other areas of your life. This is especially true of children who are not easy to inculcate correct, but routine habits. However, from the point of view of a child's upbringing, to entrust him with the responsibility for the pet is definitely a sensible and useful step. Of course, you will have to insure their children and remind them that they must do for their animals.

The main thing is to be consistent. You gave the child a kitten, as he promised to take care of him? Then, wash the cat's litter tray and going to the store for food will automatically become the responsibility of the child. You can help him, but should not take over its functions.

5. Compassion

"Love and compassion is a necessity, not a luxury. Without them humanity cannot survive" – said the Dalai Lama. In our life should be more compassionate towards themselves and to those around us and living beings. The owner of the animal, which depends on the survival, good health and happiness to his pet, will inevitably become more compassionate and fine man. Because you have to consider not only their own but also their needs and interests, and, more importantly, to do about certain actions.

Of course, this is exactly what so many avoid – to be encumbered with care for other creatures. Oblivious to the fact that it is much more beneficial both morally and physically – to go walk the dog instead of all day lying in front of TV with a plate of delicious looking stupid show. And it is not just a movement but an act of kindness to depend on your substance. Some believe that compassion and helping others relieve stress and improve our view of ourselves, our spiritual climate. Others seek small things to do better the whole world around. Others say that it is important both that, and another.

6. Development of the ability to nonverbal communication

Animal can't speak, so you to understand it, will have to study his body language. If you reach this certain heights, you will at some point will be surprised how this helps you in your daily interactions with people. The truth is that almost 90% of communication is non-verbal. The words have a minimum percentage of our communication – and we often pass them by ear, perceiving gestures and eye movement. And anyone who has an idea about nonverbal communication and have developed the powers of observation, will always have an advantage in personal life and working relationships. For example, males, be they dogs or people, react to certain things the same way. Learn how to communicate with your dog and you will become much easier to understand men, whether at home or at work.

7. Animals sense danger

Everyone knows that a dog barks, only sensing the stranger in the stairwell. This is the factor that definitely deters robbers regardless of the size of the dog because although vociferous Maltese and not able to resist an attacker, it will raise such a ruckus that'll draw all the neighbors. However, it is very simple and utilitarian, and in fact, animals sense much more than humans.

The Internet is full of stories about how a parrot told the owner about an impending earthquake, such as dogs, cats and even snakes have woken up his sleeping owners, and thus saved them from the fire. There are plenty of stories about how the animal did not allow the owner to leave the house, with the result that he was late for the plane, which eventually crashed, etc. What animal would you not brought him a sense of danger with a high probability will be higher than yours. Pet may save your life. And we have not mentioned about the cases when, for example, dogs were pulled from the water drowning children... posted


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