22 reasons that prove that the cat is better than a wife! Humor with a claim to the truth ...

"There is no man who at least an hour would not have dreamed of being a bachelor!" Do you remember this quote from the great movie "The Diamond Arm"? It has a large element of truth. What if instead of his wife would be, for example, a cat? A huge number of people around the world worships in these lovely creatures.

This, of course, a joke, but if you think about it, a cat can find a lot of advantages. Just be warned that this material be taken only in a humorous vein. Although cat owner can be taken seriously. So, Editorial Ofigenno.cc offers you a number of advantages over their wives cats.

1. Cats know how to purr. B>

2. You're not familiar with his mom cat. B>

3. The cat is asleep, curled up in the legs and pulls the blanket. B>

4. Cats do not stop the whole tights! B>

5. The cat will not be offended and will not turn back to you, if you are tired. B>

6. The cat would not be surprised if you're asked her from whom she is pregnant! B>

7. The cat is beautiful and without expensive outfits. While here, I think a draw. B>

8. Adopt a cat is much easier than to have a wife. B>

9. You hardly raskormish cat up to 50-gauge. B>

10. Cats are beautiful even without make-up. B>

11. The cat eats much less. B>

12. Cat is much easier to hold on your lap. B>

13. Cats do not sleep with curlers on her head. B>

14. If there were only dumplings, the cat will eat them, even on the third day. B>

15. And if on the fourth day there was only bread, the cat will not eat, and against him. B>

16. In complete darkness the cat does not swear because of that hit the corner of the closet. B>

17. The cat always rejoices kind word. B>

18. When a cat has kittens are born, they can give away to friends. B>

19. Cats do not have to shave your legs. B>

20. The cat will not impose their opinion. B>

21. When you have a headache, not a cat heels clatter on the floor. B>

22. The cat is always clean and smells good. B>

In general, you to decide with whom and how to live. We just fool around a little bit. If you liked our joke, you will certainly share it with your friends. But do not do that if they can take it at face value. We do not want to ruin someone else's family, even for the sake of cute cats.

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