Expressive and charming

No life is not the cat but without a dog the whole shoes and not pass attack. But in fact, the dogs - not only alert the guards and good helpers, but loyal friends who will never give a reason for sadness. If you have a four-legged friend - forget about a bad mood!

Extremely talented and sensitive photographer of our smaller brethren Elke Vogelsang has created a series of portraits of dogs are incredibly alive. In this stunning photography participated even her own dogs - Nudlz, Scout and Lawley. These playful photo shoot models gave very cheerful mood and add to the positive atmosphere prevailing in the studio.

Just look at these lovely naughty. Emotions lash over the edge!

A hungry dog ​​

Come here, my dear, I kiss you!

The ball, say "Ah-ah-ah-ah»!

Yes in a language you can lick the whole world.

You go, if that ...

Night supervision

To what it is that sweater!

The evil you, I leave up to you.

Give paw, friend, and everything will be okay.

What is your steak this delicious!

M-th-th-th ... How smells good!

B - unbridled joy

Why did you do this to me ?! Because I'll faithfully served ...

NAV sing!

Snow ?! And I'm even down jacket and boots bought. B>

Favorite wet nose

The purest and immediate emotions can be observed not only in children but also in animals. Show these amazing portraits of eccentric hvostatikov your friends.


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