These elephants are exposed to rain. But instead of seeking shelter these pranksters started something more exciting!

"Save the Elephant" - a non-profit organization for the protection of animals in Thailand, whose main objective is to control the elephant population and in helping the animals that live in captivity. In order to promote this mission, the organization distributes through ecotourism program of rehabilitation and rescue of animals among the locals.

In this video you can see the number of beneficiaries of Fund "Save the elephant." These clumsy, but incredibly charming bumpkin played outside. Suddenly it began to rain. Instead of looking for shelter, these pranksters started something very funny ... Under the musical motifs of the 1960s, it looks well, just damn cute!

Well, what could be better ?! swamp Only fresh swamp! I got a huge portion of positive size of all the bishops together! These lovely animals show us an example of how to enjoy the simple little things in life. Give your friends a good mood - to share with them this incredibly positive video!


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