Omsk, Tula Omsk on Motorola Tulitsa.

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Now it is no surprise trip to Russia and other countries on a motorcycle. Little is left of those who do it for another Soviet motorcycles and scooters, the production of machine-building plant in Tula, in the vast distances traveled only one person. About one such trip, and how the scooter passed the test goes the story below.

Will be 27 photos and letters.

I have a very good friend who lives in the city of Omsk. My name is Alexander Shcheglov (French). He is a living legend among the lovers and connoisseurs of scooters. In 2007, without any travel experience, he decided to take off in dalnyak on his motor scooter Tulitsa 80-year issue, which likes to call "Mustang". That year marks 50 years since the release of scooters at the Tula plant, which is why the point "B" was Tula. Almost 2 weeks he drove about 6500 km. Unfortunately, the way he lost his camera, so images have been made to the normal bar of soap, and only then simply scanned ...

First wrote his report in his blog , where I try to write about your obsession with motor scooters, but decided that Yapovtsam also be interested in reading about this journey.

To start an exemplary diagram of the route in Google maps (to be clickable):

Next Frenchman words: And so he was appointed head start on 05.06.07, leaving a message on the website "All I can not stand it any longer I leave," and his mobile number, I rode from Omsk, taking minimum luggage and the April issue of the magazine MOTO (with addresses and Phones Motorcycle Club).

The first day of the journey. According to my calculations, I had to get to Tyumen - is 627 km. Before the start of recorded speedometer to know exactly Mileage (indication 13560 km), pulled away from the house at 9 o'clock in the morning, the temperature was 50 behind, cloudy and strong north-easterly wind (counter), well, I do not get used to - go after all and in November in the snow. Approximately 120 km from the town I covered the first rain and hail, hid in the bus stop near the village with a wonderful name "Orlov-cuckoo." When covered the following degrees, I decided to keep going after the 8th time fell under the hail just stopped counting, greatly hinder the movement of a strong headwind. Because the wind often had to stop to rest. At one of the stops was a first meeting with the travelers. I have three stops at BMW, two motorcycles and a car, do not talk to each other in Russian, Mote look at one inscription in Russian letters "Holland." One approach asks, "scooter problems," I told him, "but the problems, but the scooter," he told me the finger pokes to "mustang," I say, "it's a scooter," he tried to utter, could not, probably did not understand, what it is. The settlement "Abatskii" heavily flooded river Ishim, the other side can not see, and the water coming from the wind whitecaps - means the power of the wind is 5-6. Because of the strong wind could disperse the "Mustang" more than 55 mph. Then I chose this tactic, tagged onto the air pocket for a wagon overtook me, and so was about 3-5 km, then the next wagon, and so on, the only inconvenience - flying from under the wheels of trucks water and dirt. But he could go at a speed of 70 mph, but still behind schedule. Although it took a tent, but camping is not wanted. To stop overnight in the village Omutinskii, traveling just 520 km. There is a hotel at a gas station. Total 200 p. I received a warm room, showers and parking for the "Mustang". When asked where to dine? They said, "right, Georgians, Azerbaijanis left." I love Georgian food - 60 p. simply overeaten. 06.06.07.
Left early in the morning, the sky is cloudless. The temperature overboard identified by breathing (if it pairs, then less than 10 degrees). After about two hours the way it began to rain, and again headwind. Stopped in Zavodoukovsk refuel and rest, watch from the refueling pulls Audi, pulls me the driver asks, "Hey, yesterday I Ishim same saw, or did you ..." Well, I explained that I said "far climbed," and when knew where I was going, I shook his temple. Only I asked "why", how to explain to him? And he rested on the road. Before Tyumen reached without any problems. Diversion in Tyumen not, so driving through the city, probably amused the locals - a scooter is dirty, it sits a man in gryaznuschey "Alaska" on top of "Alaska" wearing a helmet, face like a miner. When drove Tyumen, the first failure happened - broke off the rear brake cable and a spring sensor signal. We stopped at the first available service, asked with a nut on a bolt 6mm, fixed rope on him, by the way, and still go, stop signal fix did not, on the road almost do not need. About Kamyshlov closer to the rain ended. I tried to contact Kamyshlovsk motor clubs, not all phones came home with no luck. Just before the Yekaterinburg, speedometer showed 1000 km. Before Yekaterinburg reached without problems, dry, and the wind a little verse. Passing Ekaterinburg, Pervouralsk motor club called the "Sobol", arranged a meeting. During this day it was run almost 600 kilometers. The guys took a good bit on poudivlyalis than food. I spent the night at the - club president Savelkova Artem (Savage). In the evening came from Leonid SMSka (Infantry) from St. Petersburg, from him I learned that the "Gameday" follow my trip. And in the morning we all gathered near the stela "Europe-Asia". The boys explained to me that this stele is in Pervouralsk, set in the late 19th century, and in the Sverdlovsk put a modern highway sign, but it does not match the real watershed. After the photo session was carried out with an escort me to the highway.


With the weather the same thing happened as in previous days, two hours later it began to rain. The funny thing is, once came across an interesting place to shoot, so rain. It was interesting to see at this time of flowering acacia, we are already struchkovalis and berries solid white carpet. Is a solid wall of rain, the blessing on me leather clothes, sewn specially for the trip - not waterproof, rest stop at bus stops. Approximately Krasnoufimsk the ILO began to lose power, speed decreased to 20 mph, barely climb the hill in first gear, to understand the reason as I can not, after about 60 km has decided that the case in the candle. Fortunately now auto parts stores can be found even in the forest, buying just two A14 and A17 (driving on the A11), change nothing, roll up to the next stop, pulled out a thermos, relax, drink coffee. He took the tools, take a thin screwdriver and clear my exhaust slots on Glushakov. A stop for a solid wall of rain. When started, I thought Mustang uskachet me - appeared normal capacity. Then nothing interesting until Perm: ascents and descents, rain and mud solid romance. A Perm bright sunshine greeted me. I drove into the city, calling people with whom to meet, there is no answer. I take a decision to move on. Out of town, I turned to refuel. When went to the gas stations, the Mustang went into "raskolbas" before I only heard about this, and behind Kamaz, and I did not even have time to get scared - lined, drove about 50 meters, missing KamAZ and soothing knees.

A very long time to choose from Perm - bypass is being constructed, there is no road, mud, cork, trudged to the Krasnokamsk. Then I went to the road. He began to look a place to stay, stopped in the village with a strange name Ocher, a motel there, but I agreed with the guard, some Uzbek, spend the night in his hut for 200 p., in the same payment became more and wash in the bath, yet in fishing, but I refused, perhaps tired. I went out for the day of 463 km. 08.06.07.
I left early in the morning of Ocher and to the border of Udmurtia drove without incident. But Udmurtia rain greeted me, well, I do not get used to driving tactics have worked. Question: anyone driving in the rain on the mountains at 70 mph? I went - it's such a thrill !!! The town lost Play until traveled, udelat clay foot (and she's maroon red). Until Izhevsk pouring rain. The city rode with the last drops. At the entrance is very beautiful stele with a huge elk 4 meters in height, it is a pity that the images were not saved. Bypass Izhevsk no walking through the city, a good reference point - a truck - the city we are moving at the same speed. Went to Izhevsk, get the latest batch of rain goodbye, how to go dry? The road beyond the normal, nice to go when dry. Mozhga - a town such washcloths met me, at a distance of 5-7 km there are booths with a variety of woven wool, it must be seen. Before the border with Tatarstan road blocked wedding, inhibit all the machines and offer a toast to the health of young people, who do not want the wine - to pour juice, I had to drink juice, anyway for free. When we asked where the food - surprised, but where - do not know this city. Border surprised at the prices of petroleum products on the one hand the settlement 15.40, while the other 13 rubles. Generally, in Tatarstan, the cheapest gasoline. Before Yelabuga went without incident, just blissed out driving. Not stopping in the city went on, hoping to pass as close as possible to the Vyatka-clearing, but it is visible not destiny. At about 30-40 km in Yelabuga on one of the climbs breaks the chain. I stood, drinking coffee, looking at the map the nearest settlement, rear brakes gazelki, men climb under the hood, ask for the key, conversation being taken to some village painted body from five and gazelki taken by car pound, cops leaked gasoline, but to quietly It was diluted with water. The guys have promised on the way back to pick me up in Yelabuga. Location is probably abnormal, while waiting gazelki on this vzgorke five cars stopped and drove checked, what happened to them. Downloaded the ILO's body with me. Brought to Yelabuga, shops and markets are closed, we had to wait until morning. Thus, the way my day was only 440 km. I was determined to spend the night in a lodge in the garage cooperative. And there the men sat down to play cards for money, went only 3 in the morning in Moscow. In the morning they took me to the market. There I bought a chain ant, cut off the extra 38 units. And three hours later I was in the way.

The day started well. Goodbye to Elabuga, although I was left until Monday at sabantui (had to stay), but I'm so behind schedule. Today, the way that I was lying on Vyatskie field. After passing 60 km, crossed the river Vyatka, drank tea with lemon in a cafe. The area turned into Vyatskie Mamadysh field. Beautiful place there, forestry, parking stops are made in the form of fairy houses, I decided to enter Vyatskie-Polyana clean, turned to a nearby stream to wash the Mustang, and to wash. And I discovered the theft of luggage (there I in addition to road atlas of clothes, camera, phone charger, and all documents in the ILO, good passport was in his pocket), and was about 50 km. I turn around and back to look, ha ha. It turned out just not realistic, if you look, the rate should be about 10 maximum of 15 mph, and then rain. I am hiding in one of the fabulous houses. Throw off the SMS-ku Infantry, please tell me the coordinates of Kazan motor clubs and decides to move to Kazan. Contacted Kazantsev, I asked for help, agreed to meet in front of the city. Rain watered me until Kazan. At the entrance to the city "died" at the level of speedometer 15917 km. Get from Omsk to Kazan 2357km, further calculation will have to do it on the map. Kazan gave me a cheap hotel landmark called "Regina" and agreed to meet in the morning. The hotel turned out to be really cheap, only some 1500 rubles per night (a fee includes breakfast and a swim in the pool - just what for me is necessary). In the morning on the last legs phone dialer Kazantsev asked to bring a charger and a road atlas.

Posted in [mergetime] 1365430150 [/ mergetime]
Leaving Kazan, I found that the bulb is adjustable dimensions, bought a new - put. Through communication, repair and refueling envelope - started moving in 13. 00 in Moscow. On this day, nothing remarkable happened. Before Nizhny Novgorod arrived without incident. Cops are not afraid because of bad weather. In Lower I drove in the first hour of the night began to search for the night, but there were hotels like "Regina", and I hate to comfort me something simpler. Diversion in the Lower there, drove through the city at night without any problems, traffic jams were not. When the skipped town without finding accommodation, very pleased to see DEPS, he certainly stunned, but still explained that for the post of GAI are motels. It turned out, for the post of traffic police - is in the city of Dzerzhinsk (plus another 35 km). It has been for this day 433 km. Overnight without shower 200, 300 with a shower, I agreed with shower. Sleep well, I charge the phone. In the morning, drinking tea with lemon, 6 pm Moscow set off.

Defining map a new route without papers decided not to call to Moscow, and roll in Orekhovo-to Ryazan. The road to Vladimir I did not like, not only that it did not rain, and it is still straight as an arrow, just as there is not any ups and downs, short nearly fell asleep at the speed of 70 mph. Carpets also decided without "docks" not to call, but the meeting with him I did take place. In Vladimir, a good interchange city, even from afar, "Figure" will see. Finding map twist on Ryazan, I decided once again to change the route. Ryazan I called friends say that Vladimir travel, they are waiting for me in the evening, I was at home - waiting. Turned to Ryazan, and did not regret the most beautiful places, Turgenev was right, and Vladimir Vysotsky sang correctly & quot; ... in terrible Murom forests ... & quot ;. I was struck by the density of the forest - a solid wall interspersed with swamps. Fluff with a bypass, slipped in Gus-Crystal, and here at Mustang kicks fuse install scutes, no food (I must say, I'm not strong electrical). I braked passing scooter began to ask where to find a service station. Met turned our rider, even the "Soviet quenching." Jack said on the way back ten minutes later to help me with the wiring, and having got a pusher your scooter than impressed me a lot, gone. When he came back, the first question was - how he starts his scooter with the pusher. It turned out that this scooter released "carpeted" with pitolovskim engine.

In the garage he is lovingly restored "Java" 1980 rs.

Repair the wiring, Jack said that they have a motor club. I say - we go to meet friends. The club is called "Wolves." The huge territory, fenced in enclosure is running a live mascot - a wolf. Its hotel, restaurant carp anglers, utyatnik - in general, a relaxation area.

Asked to stay, he refused - the timetable and so frustrated. He went further to Ryazan. The road is good, only the winds, with one of the turns in the bushes notice a truck - and then our room, Omsk - 55 region. I brake sharply, went up to the cabin, drove did not believe that I am from Omsk, is not told that I live "in the Amur," this neighborhood we are. I ask, what do you do here, they say that they decided to turn to Tula, and I learned that there, was offered a ride - ha ha, what about the romance. On the border areas to intercept cop jumped out with a magic wand, yeah, "right now," I'll stop undocumented something. Offended, he shouted something after me, but there was no chase. In Ryazan entered without any problems, I meet friends. Because of the festival decided to issue the documents 13th. Run that day was in the estimates on the map - 443 km.

Rest, inspection Ryazan. The town is small, old - the population of 500 thousand., Many old buildings and all sorts of attractions.

Day of registration documents. That's another story. My friends on the channels decided to negotiate with the cops - we make an appointment at 12 o'clock in the central controllers. Until the end of the planning meetings we waited until found the right ment, and as a result he sends us to the place of residence, I told him that travel and do not live here. "You go on a residence of your friends." They turned to the Soviet police department for a long time to explain what I want, then I announced that contact should immediately for the loss at any time of the day and night (I did not say that he had lost the docks in Tatarstan) and the place where the lost and to investigate their leaves 10 days. But after a brief altercation, yet given wonderful help:

Having a wonderful help, I call to Tula in the motor club "Black Legion" David reports that went. I must say that in April before going through the magazine MOTO, I have enlisted the support of the club. I leave the Ryazan about 14 hours. He rode slowly, with a small hook 200 kilometers we have passed in 4 hours.

Scooter and the eponymous river:

Having driven in Tula, called up again with David, make an appointment and moves the club and the guys there are shipping some heaviness in KamAZ. Quickly all acquainted and is connected to the loading, it turns out, there is a preparation for the anniversary of the club's "10 years of the Black Legion," the festival will take place in the city of Sovetsk at the reservoir.



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